September 20-WHY DID JESUS CHOSE FISHERMEN? If you ask for a fish will not give you a serpent (negative ego)? Matt. 7:20-He changed 5 loves and two fishes to feed 5,000 by going higher in Spirit Realm. John 6:1-14. Cast nets on right side (Spirit Realm) to catch more fish to eat. Fish spawn up stream Spirit Realm to lay eggs to bring them to God where we came from. After resurrection He cooked fish to feed his disciples. Matt. 4:19 Jonah was in the belly of a fish 3 days. He was three days on the Cross. He made a sign of a fish in the sand to let others know they belonged to Christ, and not to glorify self to believe they are God. What about the sheet from above with all kinds of unclean animals that represented not animals, but the unclean things inside of them. He said kill and eat what God has cleansed bless and eat .Eggs represent Truth of a symbol of fertility and life. He fed the people quail is the highest nutritional bird to give them protein from meat. Be fisherman of man.

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