September 18-BREAKING BREAD. Christ Jesus has us in His name -Jes-US. He is the Substance of our Being called the Spirit body that we already have the Spirit within us, and “Man does not live by physical bread alone, but by every Word to eat the Spiritual Food each day. Matt. 44-The breaking of bread is Christ Jesus His Body of Spirit Being so we are all part of the Body of Christ with Christ Jesus Being the Head with the Mind of Christ. We all parts of that same body with a special plan and purpose that we can’t do without each other because we are One with each other just like a tree has many parts, but One Tree. John 6:35. A huge puzzle with all the pieces. We break bread with each other for a reminder that Only Christ Jesus the the Bread of Life in the Spirit Realm and Son of the Living God. Matt 16:13. No leavening of man’s negative thoughts and deeds to grow within us. Being trained to Be God like in every thing we do and say to Be Saviors from Mt. Zion to the rest of the world that is instead of Christ.

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