November 15-ADAM BLAMED GOD INSTEAD OF HIMSELF. When Adam ate of the realm of good and evil, he found himself naked without his Spirit Body, and blamed God for the woman you gave me, and Eve blamed the serpent or the ego thoughts that deceived her. The ego thoughts always blame someone else for their mistakes of choosing the wrong things. God could never be angry. He sees beauty in us instead of faults and behavior. People believe that God is waiting for us to fail or step out of line, so that He can punish us and send us to hell that does not exist only in our own minds. God cannot punish part of Himself if God is in you and As you where the Kingdom of God is within us. God’s thoughts are Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness. God’s good pleasure is to give us the Kingdom of God already given to us. We must put on the eyes of Christ to see God is Unconditional Love and sees us a perfect sons and daughters that God created. We can’t listen to the ego thoughts that Edge God Out to believe lies instead of the Truth.

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November 14-ANIMALS COMPARED TO HUMAN THINKING. The raccoon has a mask that hides his true Identity as a Spirit Being. They wash their food even thought it is human thinking and human beliefs. The raccoon has an ability to fight you if you think differently from it. A squirrel digs up our plants and plants human seeds of hate, jealousy, and seeds of self instead of Christ. Rabbits hop from one human food to another, and eats some spiritual food like carrots that helps them see better in the Spirit Realm. Parsley has an effect of death to the Spirit Realm if you eat human thinking. Pigs eat everything called slop, junk food of human dirt of gossip and so on. Like the three little pigs build their house on God within in order for the wolf of the ego thoughts will not blow their house down if not built on Christ. Crows follow the eagle (Spirit thoughts) until the eagle goes so high in the Spirit realm that crows cannot go. The eagle has perfect eye sight to see in the Spirit Realm, and eats live food and not dead food of human doctrines of carnal human mind thinking. Dogs loves us no matter what like God loves us.

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November 13-YOU HAVE AN INNER KNOWING YOU BELONG TO GOD. John 15:16- This was the first scripture I read in the bible. “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and I have appointed you. I have planted you, that you might go, and bear much fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting that it may remain so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name (Christ), He may give it to you.” We are the Royal Sons and Daughters of God called the Christ in our Being. We all have this inner knowing that God IS everything in our thinking that we forgot to know who we are, and why we are here. God will never leave us even if we believe in Separation. No more little self that wants its own way and desires of self. We are becoming alive to our Real Self. “Not “i” but the Christ is on the throne of our minds and thoughts.” No more pain, sickness , sin or death. We go to the resurrection side of the cross.

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November 12-MY SEARCH IS TO KNOW GOD. I want to be God like in everything I do and say. We have a Divine birthright as a Daughter and Son of God. Health, wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and all God has to give to us is already there. When there is debris in our minds of anger, hate, lack of forgiveness, pain and suffering is to  hide from me God thoughts. Every time we give in to pain and suffering, we crucify the Christ all over again because He said “It is finished.” We are aware of thoughts that are not from my highest good to be able to erase them and go on. These are only thoughts until we manifest them. We want to deal with ungodly emotions from the ego thoughts that edge God out in our own carnal mind, and go on to reality instead of an illusion. We want to have only wonderful past memories, and to delete the ones that has given us pain. We give each moment with Love to everyone we meet to make it a Holy Encounter. We are One with God and One with each other. We are like the human body. We all have a plan and purpose together.
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November 11-AFTER THE LITERAL LAW, WE GO TO LOVE. The literal law means death to Spirit Realm and alive to little self with justice, war, punishment and nothing like God in reality. The Law of God is Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. “The law of God is the orderly working out of the principal of BEING, or the Divine ideals, into expression and manifesting throughout creation. Only Spiritual things are eternal and real. All words and thoughts not in harmony of one accord, and seeming limitations in the world are the result of man’s error beliefs and thoughts to eliminating them from his own mind.” God creation is all there IS, and is Good. These thoughts of God brings Divine ideals to be expressed to be manifested. To keep God’s law is to Love everyone and Love yourself. Get rid of the past with thoughts of punishment, guilt, envy, jealousy and so on. Know that you have everything in God. You are uniquely created and have a special plan and purpose. You are needed by God to manifest the invisible God to a world of vision.

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November 10-WE MUST BELIEVE WE ARE IN ONE ACCORD. On the day of Pentecost, 120 (God’s Grace and Redemption) all were with One Accord in the Spirit Realm, and from the realm of Spirit came a dove represent the Holy Spirit their tongues were on fire. The tongue has the power of Life or Death when we speak. The Day of Pentecost was 50 days after the resurrection. Christ Jesus said to us that I will send to you another comforter who is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Unconditional Love like a Mother to her children. We want our own way instead of our Real Self  that is part of God, God’s will, emotion of Love, intellect and the Mind of Christ to Be Godlike in everything we do and say. That requires dying to the little self of “i” and becoming alive to Christ. What kind of God would punish His children for eternity when He is within us and As us. God is a consuming fire to burn out the dross, sin, sickness, pain, suffering, death and give us the Mind of Christ in order for us to remember to come back to God where we came from. Remember the Prodigal Son came to his senses to remember this trip was only a dream employed by the human mind instead of God who was waiting for his return.

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November 9-WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE CRUCIFIED. People are constantly crucifying us when they disagree with what God shows us. Their belief is what they go by according how they see God. Is God a punishing God or does He love us Unconditional and waiting for us to become what we are created to Be? If God is part of us in us and As us, how can He crucify part of Him-self? We are created Spirit Beings in Gen. 1:27. Let Us created man in our image (reflection in a mirror) and likeness (exact copy) both male and female. We can never loose our Identity as a Spirit Being only with our human thinking to believe a lie instead of the Truth. We have a Spirit Body and live in a Spirit Universe. God is the only power and God is in control. We must now give any one or any thing power, but God only. Evil does not exist only in our own minds with people believing evil instead of God. Psalm 91- No evil will come neigh my dwelling because we are the dwelling place of God. We are the tabernacle of the Living God. We represent the Invisible God to a visible world.

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November 8-ASHES FOR BEAUTY. The ashes in your life is the past hurts and past mistakes that are burned in the fire, and never to be reminded of again. If you bring all the mishaps of the past into your present, this will be your life now which is already past. Dwell on the blessing God is given you Now. You have no lack only abundance. God gives us all the attributes of Him-self. The past will never be brought up again unless we bring it up. All the things you and I have been through in the past is a learning lesson not to choose this path again. Do you want to be a Victim or Be a Victory? Beauty is in the now living. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I see you all as beautiful. God created all of us Beautiful and Perfect as a Spirit Being living in a Spiritual world. We are on the potter’s wheel because we still believe in sin, sickness, pain, suffering and death. On the Potter’s Wheel, we are refined as pure Gold of  Royalty and Deity. We can never lose our Identity as Royal Sons and Daughters of the Living God.

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November 7-WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED? Adam and Eve were told not to partake of good and evil that God did not create. He referred to a Tree meaning a realm of Living. Being naked is losing your Spirit Body of Immortality that never has sickness, pain, suffering and death.The voice inside of us in our carnal human mind is called the ego thoughts that Edge God Out. Wee became a Living Soul instead of A Life Given Spirit. The ego thoughts began its career of blaming someone else for our own decisions. Then the woman began to blame the serpent (split tongue says sometimes good and sometimes evil) who is a deceiver of the carnal flesh mind that gives in to the pleasures of self. It made her eyes open to the thoughts of the carnal mind thinking instead of the Mind of Christ.The little self being god to want its own way to please self giving us fear instead of the Living God leading us on the path of righteousness. Christ is who you are as the sons and daughters of God. We will experience good and evil until we know God is the only power.

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November 6-WHO DO WE VOTE FOR?

November 6-WHO DO WE VOTE FOR? In any election year, we should go to God and ask, “Who do you want me to vote for that will bring the Kingdom of God to this earth realm?” Could this year be the year of beginning with all people turning to God for their Daily Bread of the Spirit realm in order to live in peace and harmony with God only? This is not a material human earth by leaning on our own thinking instead of the Thinking of God only. What a wonderful thought to bring the Mind of Christ into our every day experiences instead of duality of good and evil. God only is in control of who is appointed to Be the President of the United States of America, and all the members of the cabinet. There is only one power, and that is God. We come to our senses and know that our destiny is not the little self that wants to Be god to be satisfied, but believing in who and what we are in God. So when you go vote, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the right person that serves God and wants only God to rule in their lives instead of man made rules and man made thinking instead of God thinking.

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November 5-DON’T FILL YOUR MIND WITH GARBAGE.What you see and hear is very important. If you look at negative shows or hear negative gossip from others, you mind is being polluted and not conceiving God only. We must put on the Mind of Christ We need to focus on good news. When negative thoughts begin to manifest in our lives, we start believing in lies instead of the Truth Wake up this morning and say that this is going to be a beautiful day filled with the Love of God in everyone I meet today is going to be a Holy Encounter. Every person is going to be just what I need for today. God is the only power, and God is all there is. God is in me, I can awaken to a new level of Truth for each day. Most of the news is negative, so please do not fill your minds with anything that is so negative. Remember, you are in this world, but not of it. The word Gospel in the Bible means GOOD NEWS.
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November 4-WHAT IS THE MEANING OF HELL? There are many names for hell. Hell and Heaven are states of mind, and conditions, which people experience as a direct outworking of their thoughts, beliefs, words, and acts. If one’s mental processes are out of harmony with the law of man’s Being, they result in trouble and sorrow; mental as well as bodily anguish overtakes one, and this is hell. You physical body is affected when you are not Loving. The word Sheol means grave, hollow (no spiritual activity), place of unquenchable human desires. Gehenna is a region of lamentations (feel sorry); place of purifying fires (burning off of mistakes and actions by remembering the consuming fire that God removes about sin, sickness, pain, suffering, and death; place of groaning (not happy, always complaining. Hades is outer darkness (negative thinking and negative actions). No where does it say a place of fire or torture by a Loving God that would never send His Royal Children any kind of torture. We would never do that to our children, and God would never do that to us, but Love us Unconditional. Christ Jesus brought us back to God who we forgot who and what we are at the cross in us and As us.
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November 3-THE MEANING OF SPIRITS IN PRISON. When Christ Jesus went into hell of our own minds, He freed us from the Spirits in prison. We are the Spirits that are in prison from the Ego Thoughts that Edge God Out. He brought the captives free. It says nothing about Spirits that are disobedient. Spirits of just men made perfect meaning our Real Self by becoming justified Self, perfected in Christ. Christ Jesus -God’s Son is the last Adam to represent the human race to remove from me sin, (missing the mark of Being Christ like), judgment, guilt, and death to eternal life. Christ Jesus had to go the way of death outward evidence that He really died to human self by the shedding of human blood that is tainted with dis-ease, pain and suffering. He was really a dead body that was put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit preached to Spirits in prison so we know outward He was there. Death has no sting or real to us of Spirit knowledge. We have eternal life. It is all about dying to self and becoming alive in Christ. He was the last Adam that was born of human flesh and human thoughts to become only thoughts of God.
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The opening ceremony had a Light of harmony and solidarity uniting every one in the Spirit of Solidarity (firm unity). Ninety two nations participated in the Olympics.  Nine meaning conclusion of a matter or finality.  Two is short of the Trinity meaning three persons in One God including the sons and daughter of God as one person. Two also means witness to reality. The lighting of the Pagoda means the house of secret relics who are the children of God in the Secret Place of the Most High God with the Prayer Pagoda which unites every one in the Spirit of harmony.

I think the whole idea of the Olympics is to bring us unity with each other all over the world and to get together even in competition to learn to get along with each other and to Love each other.  North Korea and South Korea got together as one team and one flag meaning One with each other instead of war. The United States of America had 23 total metals.  The number 23 means a message of the greatest urgency; a number signifying the end or completion; a command to go or move away (war and rumors of war). Nine gold metals. Gold always signifies God or Deity.  The number nine means special properties and powers which are found in no other number. It makes the end of the conclusion of a matter; It is a number of finality or judgment (turning point). Eight Silver metals. Eight is the number of New Beginnings and Silver means Redemption. Six bronze metals meaning six is the number of imperfection or the human thinking or human behavior without Christ or God coming short of seven meaning perfection. Six is number of man’s labor doing things by self instead of God’s rest. Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin, and always refers to the third place winner. Copper has to do with the planet Venus-The Goddess of Love meaning balance and harmony. Tin is associated with Jupiter meaning cultivation of Spiritual side expansion.

The Closing ceremony came first the Queen representing our Mother God Being recognized. Then came the musical instruments called Geomungo a unique an ancient instrument with the round part representing the sky and the flat part is the earth. Kingdom of God as in heaven Spirit) as on earth.  Then came a field of lighted Dandelions meaning faithfulness; happiness; Love.  The turtle remembers those who have passed and are in the Cloud of Witnesses. The turtle embarks on a journey across life and death in the middle of the procession holding the Dandelions. The Turtle means long life passes through the tunnel to express new changes by pushing boundaries and new records. The city in Revelations is all of the sons and daughters are the city to be a point for a new start.

Drones flying together made a bear who is symbol China who is the next Olympic host. Then the drones formed a heart meaning flags of brotherhood shines like the sun with Love, Unity and Good fortune. The five children return with a snow globe meaning the Light of God in each person.  The snowflakes extinguish the artificial light to the Light of God with white balloons of white lights and the White Tiger is like the Lion who is King. The King is God who gives us peace and a new beginning with Christ as the Head.

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SPIRITUAL SIDE OF THE OPENING CEREMONY OF THE OLYMPICS by Linda Cosentino. First of all North Korea and South Korea united as one team. They said every thing is from One Energy. North Korea representative was his sister. The U. S. A. was the presence of our Vice President, Mike Pence and his wife. The tiger had 12 men under it to motive it. Twelve is the number of Divine Government. The tiger reached out to touch the 5 children from North and South Korea. Five is the number of Grace the blessings of God. In the bible the Lion and the Lamb lie down together in peace with each other. The children were not afraid of the tiger and the tiger did not hurt them. The next thing I noticed was two doves. Doves always represent the Mother God who gives us Divine Unconditional Love. The two doves united together meaning the Father God our Creator and the Mother God’s Love. Next the doves became the Eagle. The eagle soars high in the Spirit Realm and no birds can ever reach it. The crow who represents the ego thoughts that Edge God Out in our own minds cannot reach the Eagle. God calls us Eagle Saints. The torch of Light was first lit by North Korea and given to South Korea and then to 300,00 people meaning that We are the Light of the world. Where does the darkness of negative thinking go when the Light is turned on? It disappears because it was never there only in our own minds. This was the example to Peace and the Kingdom of God coming to the earth as in heaven.

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At this writing I am 77 years of age.I recently had to go for my annual physical checkup. In the days before, I was seeking the Spirit as to why we must go thru this earthy experience with a body that sooner or later will fail us. If we take a few steps back and look at the really BIG PICTURE why is this universe of continuous life and death struggles necessary. Even the apostle Paul cried out for the redemption of his body.
In the style that has happened in my life before, I heard the word “MECHANISM”. As has also happened before, a flood of thoughts came with this single word. I see that this is part of the process of God making man in HIS image. This is a very competitive world in which we believe that we must struggle to get ours. How would it work out if we all could call matter into existence as Jesus did. So many of us have strong egos and I am sure this would quickly get out of hand.
God created everything out of HIMSELF.  When we learn to create, it will be from our inner most being where God is. This is why we experience this life and death world. Remember, even angels wonder and long to look into the mysteries of this world. In this world as in the next, there is no substitute for experience.
This mortal body is simply part of the “MECHANISM.” God has chosen to prepare us for the non competitive world of the Kingdom. May the lessons of this lifetime serve us well and may we enter the Kingdom prepared to serve and create as God would have us.
Richard & Linda
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The story of Adam and Eve demonstrates how our minds are eager to believe a lie. I think the human mind has an inherent serious flaw that makes it grab on to lies to the point of  being ridiculous. Especially when it come to killing other men in the name of god.
Through my long working career, I had the pleasure of working with mostly honest,”what you see is what you get”, types of people. However there was always a few much better at saying what they could do as opposed to actually doing it. Some were very good at painting pictures in the minds of others with mere words. These false pictures would be believed even after strong evidence was presented to the contrary.
I spent long hours trying to understand how some people were so successful at doing this, forming these lies and having the lies work for them for years. Then a term called “Conversational Hypnosis” was brought to my attention. All of a sudden I realized the human mind does have a serious flaw just like I have said for many years. I present this information not to hate those that have the ability to secretly impose their will on others, but for a better cause. We need to understand the weakness and vulnerability of our own mind. How easily we believe the lies of this world even after some of us have had wonderful experiences and visions and have seen into the future thing that surely came to pass.
The point is we must train our minds to push aside the lies about this physical world and learn to center on the Spirit, and live every day in peace, honestly seeking true understanding.
The Bible states that when Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple was rent (torn).This was great symbolism but the temple in Jerusalem is long gone. It is the veil in our human brain that still physically exists. This is the veil we must pierce while yet in this body to move into the realm of the Spirit. By Richard Cosentino
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Deep Well of Emotions by Richard Cosentino

Some have said that Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead with His emotions. This caused all of the loose marbles in my logical mind to bounce around in disarray.
I would never trust human emotion. The first emotions to jump up in everyday life is envy and jealously. Even if we purpose to control these base emotions they forever lurk beneath the
So what would the emotions of Jesus have to do with accomplishing the supernatural in this dense, fixed, present arrangement of things???
Suppose Jesus took a certain path or tarried on His way to certain events to accomplish one simple but all important arrangement. To bring his human emotions into subjection of the Spirit!!!
Remember the double minded man receives nothing from God. If we are to play and part in ushering in the Kingdom of God on this earth we must accomplish this also.
We must train our emotions to flow with the Spirit so that it does not become second nature but our only nature.
May we all do great and wondrous things,
Richie and Linda
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Richard’s Writing

There was a man I once worked with when we were both young. I recently heard an old song that reminded me of him.I changed jobs and I had not seen him for years.One day a friend told me that this man’s wife had died and I thought “how sad ” for we were still considered young. The friend also told me that this man stood over his wife’s grave and shot himself.

Of course many would say ” he went straight to hell”. “Why that’s even against the law, a cowardly act”. But that was far from what I thought when I first heard the news all those years ago. My thoughts were that there was determination and a measure of bravery in his actions. He loved this woman and would pass thru death to find her again. Few women who have ever lived in this world have been loved with such intensity.

So all these years later as this song called him to my remembrance I still feel the same way about it, except even more so. As for as judgment, which we as humans are so very good at, I have suspended it between heaven and earth in the realm of the soul.

Even the Bible, which is too often used to beat us down, states “do not judge a thing until the end”. My judgment will remain suspended until the end. My hope is that yours will be also.


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The Fullness of Time 1st Series by Richard Cosentino

The Fullness of Time

First in a series by Richard Cosentino

 “When the fullness if time had come God sent fourth His Son”. How can we begin to understand that time as it is experienced on this planet and it’s very temporal existence, fits into the plan of God.

Our perception of the world is formed by our life’s experience. Our perception of God is formed by our religious and spiritual experience. As I have stated before, I did not seek God, He sought after me. After reading the entire bible and listening to a variety of preaching while parading through several churches, I concluded there were two major unanswered questions. Jesus is coming back. Just what does that mean? The second question involves the salvation of man. What is our part, and what is God’s part?

In this series let’s look into the second question. Do we even understand what salvation is? If it is not being saved from eternal punishment in a torture chamber, then what exactly is salvation really? Getting past all of the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic words, lets say it is self awareness or the ability to know ourselves and have an individual identity beyond physical death. This I believe is the root cause of the physical universe problem. This is what caused Paul to cry out  “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection”.

I went to sea as a young man and had to stand lookout on the bow of the ship at night. On a clear night with no moon the star light was bright enough to not need a flashlight to walk the deck. The sky was packed with stars it seemed with no empty spot for another. I decided in the midst of this awesome sight,  there must be life throughout this vast universe. Part of the resistance to believing in life on other planets is the notion that Jesus would have to suffer and die on every one of them to appease God on behalf of the local population. Of course, belief in a blood sacrifice is a typical and common pagan practice. Let’s hope we have come to realize that Jesus went to the cross to show a path past physical death. Our belief in an angry and vengeful God can never make it so. Remember Jesus told the religious establishment of His day, “You don’t know God”.

In ancient times the earth was thought to be the center of the entire universe. In the present we know it is not the center of anything in the cosmos. So then what is so important about time as it is experienced on this planet. Let’s consider that no matter what we believe, this is not the real world. Our five senses only paint a partial image in our brain.

The prophet Isaiah in the midst of a lengthy forecast of God pouring out His wrath, stated in verse 34:4, “God will roll up the heavens like a scroll”. In a moment of spiritual connection I saw that the universe is not as vast as it appears to us. It is like a round room filled with narrow vertical mirrors and standing in the middle of the room, we are surrounded by multiple images, but we know, we are alone.

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