January 23-MEANING OF THE TOWER OF BABEL. The Tower of Babel means confusion, sense confusion, state of man’s carnal mind thinking on the outside to connect to the Divine by constructing a building to reach God by man’s own ways of thinking. Gen. 11:4-. An abomination of man to think we could reach God by a physical building high in the sky of human thinking. We can ONLY communicate with God through that inner Spirit of Truth within. Luke 17:21-“Neither shall they say, lo here or lo there, for behold the Kingdom of God is within seek that you will not Be deceived and follow them.” ” Gold means Deity, so man makes an image of gold to worship outward to accept man’s concepts of God, but to consume ALL human thinking to bring to the surface to Be done away with. Dan. 3:1. The ego thoughts are trying to Edge God Out, and rule our minds with lies and deceit. The harlot is the mental realm trying to Be God, and wanting its own way of self not needing God thinking it can do everything itself.