August 6-MEANING OF FIRE. I AM talking about the fire which is the very PRESENCE OF GOD WITHIN. This fire is the burning bush within you that does not consume. This fire is a pillow of fire by night to guide us in this world of human thinking, and beliefs that has no life in it, and is death to the Spirit within. This fire burns in your heart to give you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?? to everyone you meet. The baptism of Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit-Mother God with the burning fire of LOVE to let them know that the Presence of God is within. On the day of Pentecost Holy Spirit Mother God descended upon the 120- number of finished waiting with Tongues of Fire. Matt. 3:11. John the Baptist said, I baptise you with water, but One after me will baptise you with Holy Spirit and Fire.

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August 6-DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH. Prov. 27:1. If we crack the shell, the egg will not grow to maturity. Sandpaper of people causes us to not react, but to go higher in Spirit where no person or event can rob of us of our peace. “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and Be glad in it.” Ps. 118:24. Your light shines in darkness negative thinking to come to the surface to Be done away with. We are learning to Be God like in everything I do and say. It takes much time to grow from a baby, teenager, adult and so on, but we can’t stop learning and growing in God. The planted seed is planted in the mud before it grows to maturity into a fruit or egg that goes on to perfection. Thanks for the training to Become all you created me to Be.

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August 5-WE ARE NO LONGER UNDER THE LAW, BUT WE LIVE BY GRACE. Rom. 6:14-“Sin -archery term meaning missing the mark of Being God like shall not have dominion on you because you are no longer under the law of sin, sickness and death, but Grace -Unmerited favor.” We are no longer under self gratification of being independent self slaves to the carnal flesh mind. “God law is Love God and your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31. In Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of Life has set you free from law of sin, sickness, and death. Gal 2:21-“The law can no longer condemn me because I AM hidden with Christ in God. Rom. 8:1. “At the cross Christ Jesus gave us freedom by Being a Pearl of Great Price.” Matt. 13:45-46. He bought us back to God where we came from.

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August 3-TWO IN FIELD-ONE TAKEN AND THE OTHER LEFT. Matt. 24:40-41-The field is the world. Two men means two different thoughts. One is human thinking with all its fears (false evidence appearing real), lies, rituals with everything instead of God. The other man is the real-eyes that the Christ is inside of us to think only Spiritual Thoughts with the Mind of Christ given to us at the cross. The Spiritual thoughts will stay, and the man made laws, beliefs given to us by the carnal human mind that wants to Be God in our lives will Be deleted. Two woman grinding at the mill means the soul-my mind, will and emotions controlled by ego that EDGES GOD OUT with negative human toil and the cares of the world instead of uniting with Spirit to become One.

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August 1-LEAVE A DEPOSIT WHERE EVER YOU GO. Tell people how valuable they are to God. “If God is in you, who could Be against you?” Rom. 8:31. God is ALL there is and God is the only power. “We belong to the Body of Christ.” Rom. 12:5. Dwell on God and not your problems. You have only one problem the thought that you are separated from God. No negative thoughts in my mind. God does not punish us, but gives us Unconditional Love. LET CHRIST FLOW THROUGH YOU, and stop trying to change the world yourself. “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and Be glad in it.” Ps. 118:24. I WILL NOT LET ANY PERSON OR SITUATION ROB ME OF MY PEACE. All evil is coming to the surface and done away with. Read Our Father and Ps. 91.

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July 31-PRAISE GOD IN THE PIT. It is easy to praise God on the mountaintop when everything is going OK. When we are in the pit, instead of complaining and asking God to heal us, start praising God anyway. In Old Testament Joseph one of the eleventh brothers of Jacob was the favorite of Jacob and Rachael represented Christ Jesus. The twelve brother was called Benjamin-Son of the right hand. Number 12 means Divine Government. Jacob sons put Joseph in a pit to die. Judah-Praise came along and said, “Let us sell him and make some money.” Sold to Pother’s as slave. Joseph became highest after Pharaoh-Egypt. They had famine in land and Joseph’s brothers were fed. “Joseph said his brothers meant it for evil, but God meant it for Good. Gen. 50:20.

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July 30-SINS ARE LIKE SCARLET, BUT THEY ARE WHITE AS SNOW. Is.1:13. This statement means although you sin-Archery term meaning we miss the mark of Being Christ like) God sees you as God created you, perfect. God does not make mistakes, but only creates Spirit bodies with a Spirit Universe. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit not made with human hands. Acts 7:48. Christ lives in us and AS us. We are Royal children of God both male and female. We can’t let the carnal mind rule our lives. We go higher in Spirit to see Christ in each person not with human eyes. We choose peace and not let any person or situation rob us of our Peace. “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and Be glad in it. Ps. 118:24. What represents purity with no man made anything.

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July 29-ABSOLUTE HEALING. “Rise, take up your bed, and walk.”John 5:8. Christ talked to their minds, and immediately they heard the word. I can’t. We ask, believe and receive. God is in control to experience a change in our thinking when miracles of healing will happen. Miracles means change in my perception of what I see and experience in the Spirit World where I find my wholeness. I want to go to the Resurrection side of the cross. Words spoken are sacred with the Presence of the Healer. God in in me and always with me who is blessing me now. I AM complete and whole a vessel of Honor. Col. 2:10. My primary doctor is the Christ of my Being who took away everything at the cross and gave me complete healing. Ps. 147:3-He binds up our wounds and continues the process of healing.

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July 28-WHO IS THE BUILDER OF YOUR HOUSE? Your house is your own body that God is dwelling in. Ps. 127:1 The Oneness of God without any human license, without physical limits, without ceremony or creed, fear with only Grace. The cost of this house is paid for at the cross. I can now feel the Presence of God that takes over my life. You now pass from human thinking to God only. The house is built on a rock which is Christ as we grow into another dimension of the Spirit Realm. He is causing us to dissolve all material ties of lies and deception from the ego thoughts that Edge God Out. It binds men together with a golden chain of spiritual understanding. It acknowledges the revelation of the Christ within with the universal Love of the inner flame that is always lit of the Spirit.

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July 27-GIVE UP SELF CONTROL. I cannot Be in control of every situation and not to react. God is in control of everything. I need to thank God for every person in my life and know even though they are asleep, they will wake up because God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the whole WORLD back to Himself. 2 Cor. 5:19. We are created in the image of God both male and female. Gen. 1:27. We are very special to have a plan and purpose to Be a Representative of the Invisible God to a world that is INSTEAD OF GOD. We are Royal Sons and Daughters of God that will share the meaning of God within to everyone we meet.

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July 26-YOU ARE A VESSEL OF GOLD. Gold refers to God. Gold never tarnishes. Gold never mixes with any other matter like sin, pain, suffering, death and a carnal mind. The city in Revelations is Gold, understanding of our Real Self and Soul with no man made laws, rituals and beliefs. Rev. 21:18-21. You are the Living Tabernacle of the gold in a burning bush that it is not consumes. You have the personal Identity as a Spirit Being letting God flow through you. The only problem we have is the THOUGHT that we are separated from God who will never leave us or forsake us. The wise man gave Christ Gold (Mind of Christ). Frankincense (Boswella herb for healing and the riches of the Spirit) and Myrrh for a sweet smelling herb or the essence of God to all we meet.

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May 1-Interpretation of April 30 meaning of Shedding blood by Linda Cosentino

May 1-My interpretation of the shedding of blood in my lesson on April 30-By Linda Cosentino.

In my lesson on April 30, I will explain the meaning of the ransom price paid for us by shed blood of Christ. In Genesis when Adam and Eve went into a lower realm of thinking instead of thinking like God thinking, What if there was something else beside God or Instead of God, they had to go through a period of time to Be redeemed from their thoughts of human thinking instead of thinking like God thinks. In 1 Peter 1:18-“You were redeemed (bought back) not with corruptible things, but with the Precious blood (life) as of a Lamb (allegory for Christ) without blemish and without spot, with the Blood of Christ.” In Exodus 12:7-“They shall take the blood of a lamb (called the Passover (when I see the blood, I will pass over you not to see death of the Spirit Realm), and put it on two sides post and on the upper door post of the house (we are the house of God) making a cross on our foreheads (with the Mind of Christ), the death angel (messenger when we are covered with the blood (Life is in the blood) you will not die to the Spirit Realm. Every year each family had to bring a lamb (representing the Christ) without spot or wrinkle to bring to Be slaughtered for the whole family, and the High Priest would take the blood of the lamb, and only High Priest (Christ) could go into the Holy of Holies (the very presence of God) and sprinkle the blood to Be used for one year until Christ came on the cross to get rid of  sin (missing the mark of Being Sons and Daughters of God to remember who and what we are) for a price to set us free to remember our true Being as created by God in the image of God when we look in a mirror is a reflection and likeness means exact copy of Christ.

Redemption means buy us back to God where we came from. “God was in Christ at the cross reconciling-bring us back to God to reconcile the whole WORLD BACK TO HIMSELF NO LONGER COUNTING US OF OUR SINS us from sin, sickness, suffering, death and gave us Mind of Christ, and shed human blood to give us Life of the Spirit because blood means Life.” 2nd Cor. 5:19. 

This was not a sacrifice to buy us back with the Blood of Christ, this was an outward demonstration of a deeper revelation of the Christ in us and AS us. Could you believe Christ went to the cross with joy set before Him, He endured the cross, scorning (feeling or belief that something is worthless) its shame and sat down at the Right Hand of God to make our enemies a foot stool to know what will happen as we become aware we are Spirit Being instead of human Beings.He became the author of salvation-saved from human thinking to the thinking of Christ for ALL with eternal salvation. In Col. 1:13-“Christ delivered by blood out of power of darkness (negative human thinking and actions that are not God like.)

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Dearest Email friends,

February 1-SCRIPTURES TO PROVE THAT CHRIST JESUS DID IT ALL AT THE CROSS. He took away pain, suffering, dis-ease, all human thoughts and beliefs, rituals and so on, and gave us the Mind of Christ and no death to everlasting life. 1st. Peter 2:24-“He Himself bore our sins (archery term meaning missing the mark of Being Christ like in everything we say and do) in His body, and lifted them in His body to the cross. Christ has suffered for us and in US in the flesh.” He said, It is finished-” John 19:28-“It is finished knowing that ALL was accomplished, that the scripture might Be fulfilled. He bowed His head and gave up His Spirit.” 2nd. Cor. 5:19-“In Christ God was reconciling the WORLD (all of us) to Himself, not counting men’s TRESPASSES against them. God was bringing (all of us) back to Himself through Christ.” Gal. 4:4-“When the fullness of time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman (in this lower realm of thinking of self instead of the Spirit Realm) born subject to the regulations (beliefs, rituals, and laws of man) purchased the freedom to REDEEM us that was subject to the Law fulfilled in One scripture, “Love God and Love your neighbor AS yourself (Mark 12:30)” those subject to the Law that we might Be Adopted have son ship to Be recognized as God’s children.

Is. 53:3-7. “He was despised and rejected by men. He has bore our GRIEFS, carried our SORROWS. He was pierced for our TRANSGRESSIONS, He was crushed for our INIQUITIES upon Him was the CHASTISEMENT THAT BROUGHT US PEACE. With His wounds, we ARE HEALED. All of us are like sheep have gone astray (worshiped self instead of God), and God has laid on Him the INIQUITY OF US ALL. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet He did not open His mouth. Like a lamb (baby stage) that is led to the slaughter, and like sheep (mature) before its shearers (cut away all human thoughts and behavior) in silence.”John 1:9-14-“The True Light which gives light to EVERYONE, was coming into the World (all of us). He came to His own people, but they did not receive Him. He gave the right to become children of God, who were NOT born of the flesh, nor the will of man, but of God. The Word (Christ) became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory full of grace and truth.” Love, Linda Cosentino.




This is a beautiful Love story for You special, my Dear.
The Godhead is speaking, so open up yours ears to hear.
This story that happened in the past 2,000 years ago.
It is for you this year now in the present for you to know.

January is a new month, a new day, a new thoughts, and a new year
This is the time for us to learn more of God Love for all of us to hear.
To know that God is the only power, God is in control, and only one God
We are One with God and One with each other like two peas in a pod.

Know that at the cross, God was in Christ to bring God back in all of us.
We forgot to know we are Royal Children both male and female is a must.
The word reconciliation means bring us back to God where we came from.
Christ Jesus at the cross took away all sickness, pain, death, and then some.

Thank you Christ Jesus what you did for me and for all with so much love.
You love us all the same with so much care that we are your Turtle Dove.
We are your reflection in a mirror which means created in the image.
Christ Jesus said that He was telling us that He is altogether finish.

No more pain, suffering, trials, tribulations and having no temptations.
We won’t react, but let go to mean suggestions or having any frustrations.
We are growing fast to Be God like in everything we do in the Spirit Realm.
God with all His glory, revelations, and majesty, we become so overwhelmed.

He said, You will be processed on the Potter’s wheel to do greater things.
 Many saviors will come from Mt. Zion to Be God like with all that brings.
The Wedding Feast is coming with all ego thoughts Edging God Out to cease
The Kingdom of God is coming to the earth to finally having world peace.

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ST FRANCIS PRAYER. Make me Be an instrument of peace. Where there is hatred, let Me Be an instrument of Love. In someone who gives me offense or ugly words, Let Me give pardon and not let Me take these words in my heart and give forgiveness. Remember those that press your buttons are your Master Teachers to choose to keep Peace beyond understanding. In discord, let Me show union that we are all One with God. A person is in error about not knowing a Loving God, let me give the Truth that God is not punishment, but only Love. When a person speaks negative thoughts of darkness, let me give them The Light of the World or the Christ in them. Are you sad, let me give you Joy unbelievable and Full of Glory. Let me understand the Words You speak, and pray that all are revealed the God inside of them to cause them to remember who and what they are. Let me die to the little self that wants its own way to Be the Will of God in my life to Be achieved. I need to know that it is not “i”, but the Christ in Me can do the impossible.

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Twelve is the number of New Beginnings, Perfect Spiritual Divine Government. All things are Being new. New life, new thoughts of God only. All negative thoughts coming to the surface and done away with. This is the end times, not the end of the world, but the end of man’s kingdom ruling our minds with stinky thinking of man’s thoughts trying to destroy our perfect Identity as Spirit Beings living in a Spiritual Universe where everything is in harmony One with each other and One with God.

If God is in you, who could Be against you?

First thing as you wake up say, “This is the day God created, I will rejoice and Be glad in it. I will not allow any person or situation to rob me of my peace.” If you said this first, you will have a beautiful day. God is very important to Be first in our lives then every thing will be OK. It is not “i” but the Christ in me that flows through me each second. Without Christ I can not do anything of my self. With Christ, all things are possible.

Perfect Love cast out fear. Fear is FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.It is only real in our thinking and believing in our own carnal flesh mind.

All the Truths we are receiving is for us only to Believe.

At the cross all human beliefs were nailed to the cross and done away with. All pain, sickness, dis-ease, sin which is missing the mark of knowing we are Royal Children of God, hatred, jealousy, envy thinking and anything that man could ever think of to hurt each other, “It is finished.” Christ shed human blood and gave us the Mind of Christ. Don’t be duped to believe a lie when we have temptations of pain and suffering. We must go higher in the Spirit where there is no pain or suffering. Only Believe!

God IS IN CONTROL of everything in our lives and working it to good only. Never judge another person least you judge the God within you saying you must have made a mistake with this person’s life. We do not know what God has to do to let a person have their own way in order to go to the bottom of their lives in order for them to start coming to the top where there is God only.

Another thing I AM learning is never to have a conflict with another person. We don’t have to Be right. We must Be a peace maker in all that we do to Be God like in everything we do and say. It is a choice.If you want Love, Be Love. If you want peace, Be peace, joy and happiness. We have a choice.
Our own way leads to destruction and death to Spirit Realm. God’s way is the only way.
God always has a higher plan and purpose then what we can do our own way of thinking. We can’t do it by “me” “my” and” i” Being on the throne of our minds.

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Year of the Jubilee

I think this is the year of Jubilee when all evil is coming to the surface to Bring in the Kingdom of God to all. Love, Linda Cosentino
Jubilee, Year of

Year beginning on the Day of Atonement every fiftieth year and proclaiming a nationwide release for Hebrew society. The word “jubilee” comes from the Hebrew word yobel,(“ram’s horn”) for the sounding of the ram’s horn signalled the Jubilee’s beginning. Another related Hebrew word is deror (“release, liberty”).

The key text, Leviticus 25:8-55, describes the festival’s three basic features. First, as in the sabbath year ( Lev 25:2-7 ), the land was to be fallow. The people were not to farm the land, but were to eat what grew naturally. Both people and land should enjoy their release.

Second, all Hebrew slaves were to go free. The law allowed poor people to become slaves to pay their debts. Owners were to treat their Hebrew slaves kindly. All slaves were to be freed in the Year of Jubilee.

Third, the land reverted to its original owner. This practice ensured that no citizen would remain poor or a slave forever. A person who sold land to another was really selling a certain number of crops, so the number of years before the Jubilee, determined the sale price. Property within walled cities did not revert in the Year of Jubilee except for the property of the Levites, which was always redeemable. A few other modifications of the normal procedure also existed. Daughters who inherited land had to marry within their own tribes in order to keep the land ( Num 36:4 ). The law also prevented individuals from abusing the reversion principle. People who vowed a portion of their fields to the Lord and then sold them to escape their vows could never get their land back; rather, the ownership transferred to the priests ( Lev 27:21 ).

The Year of Jubilee contained two important theological implications. First, the land belonged to the Lord, who determined its proper use. The people were to avoid selfish accumulation of land ( Isa5:8 ), for it did not really belong to them. Second, God’s people were to be free. Even when one was in slavery, redemption was possible. In any case, the Year of Jubilee freed all. Freedom was always the ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, evidence from the Old Testament seems to indicate that Israel hardly ever celebrated the sabbath year or the Year of Jubilee. Christ’s quoting of Isaiah 61:1and the word deror may suggest that Christ’s ministry provided the ultimate fulfillment of the jubilee concept ( Luke 4:16-21 ).

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Heavenly quotes

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The Battle Hymn of the Republic Lee Greenwood Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; God is all there is. At the cross God was in us and As us. God is in us whether we know it or not.
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; Wrath is done away with. No more hatred just love.
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword; His sword is the Word of God not fighting, but Knowing the truth who you are.
His truth is marching on.The cross took away sin, sickness, pain, suffering, death, gave us the Mind of Christ.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
His truth is marching on. I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps; When you are in battle, we turn to God. No believing in a false god in a dug out.
They have built Him an altar in the evening dews and damps; All negative thinking is done away in the night of darkness of carnal human thinking.
I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps, His sentence is freedom from human thinking to the thinking of God even in dim light
His day is marching on. Light is revealed as when the sun comes up in the morning to light our understanding.
I have read His fiery gospel writ in rows of burnished steel! His gospel is like fire burning in your soul when you real-eyes you are a special creation of God.
“As ye deal with my condemners, so with you My grace shall deal! No more condemnation from people or from your own mistakes erased and done away with.
Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel, ” Your walk with God will crush the mind of human thinking with the heel meaning your Godly walk.
Since God is marching on. God is the only power, will, emotion of Love. We want to Be Godlike in everything we do and say.
He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat; The last trumpet in Revelations will be sounding shortly to bring the Kingdom of God on this earth.
He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat; No more separation, just Oneness with each other and Oneness with God.
Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him; be jubilant, my feet! My soul’s Identity is the Christ in me and as me. My feet walk in the Kingdom of God only.
Our God is marching on. God is Being revealed to every person because God cannot create evil within a person because all are God’s creation.
In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, Lilly stand for  purity. We are not this body, we are free, we are as God created me as Spirit Beings.
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me; Whenever you have an experience with God, it changes your nature to Be God like with God only.
As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free! It is not I, but the Christ in me. We are to die of the little self to become the Christ in me and as me.
While God is marching on. God will continue to Be only God and no man made rules or beliefs from the carnal human mind of flesh Being to satisfy self.

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At this writing I am 77 years of age.I recently had to go for my annual physical checkup. In the days before, I was seeking the Spirit as to why we must go thru this earthy experience with a body that sooner or later will fail us. If we take a few steps back and look at the really BIG PICTURE why is this universe of continuous life and death struggles necessary. Even the apostle Paul cried out for the redemption of his body.
In the style that has happened in my life before, I heard the word “MECHANISM”. As has also happened before, a flood of thoughts came with this single word. I see that this is part of the process of God making man in HIS image. This is a very competitive world in which we believe that we must struggle to get ours. How would it work out if we all could call matter into existence as Jesus did. So many of us have strong egos and I am sure this would quickly get out of hand.
God created everything out of HIMSELF.  When we learn to create, it will be from our inner most being where God is. This is why we experience this life and death world. Remember, even angels wonder and long to look into the mysteries of this world. In this world as in the next, there is no substitute for experience.
This mortal body is simply part of the “MECHANISM.” God has chosen to prepare us for the non competitive world of the Kingdom. May the lessons of this lifetime serve us well and may we enter the Kingdom prepared to serve and create as God would have us.
Richard & Linda
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The story of Adam and Eve demonstrates how our minds are eager to believe a lie. I think the human mind has an inherent serious flaw that makes it grab on to lies to the point of  being ridiculous. Especially when it come to killing other men in the name of god.
Through my long working career, I had the pleasure of working with mostly honest,”what you see is what you get”, types of people. However there was always a few much better at saying what they could do as opposed to actually doing it. Some were very good at painting pictures in the minds of others with mere words. These false pictures would be believed even after strong evidence was presented to the contrary.
I spent long hours trying to understand how some people were so successful at doing this, forming these lies and having the lies work for them for years. Then a term called “Conversational Hypnosis” was brought to my attention. All of a sudden I realized the human mind does have a serious flaw just like I have said for many years. I present this information not to hate those that have the ability to secretly impose their will on others, but for a better cause. We need to understand the weakness and vulnerability of our own mind. How easily we believe the lies of this world even after some of us have had wonderful experiences and visions and have seen into the future thing that surely came to pass.
The point is we must train our minds to push aside the lies about this physical world and learn to center on the Spirit, and live every day in peace, honestly seeking true understanding.
The Bible states that when Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple was rent (torn).This was great symbolism but the temple in Jerusalem is long gone. It is the veil in our human brain that still physically exists. This is the veil we must pierce while yet in this body to move into the realm of the Spirit. By Richard Cosentino
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Deep Well of Emotions by Richard Cosentino

Some have said that Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead with His emotions. This caused all of the loose marbles in my logical mind to bounce around in disarray.
I would never trust human emotion. The first emotions to jump up in everyday life is envy and jealously. Even if we purpose to control these base emotions they forever lurk beneath the surface.
So what would the emotions of Jesus have to do with accomplishing the supernatural in this dense, fixed, present arrangement of things???
Suppose Jesus took a certain path or tarried on His way to certain events to accomplish one simple but all important arrangement. To bring his human emotions into subjection of the Spirit!!!
Remember the double minded man receives nothing from God. If we are to play and part in ushering in the Kingdom of God on this earth we must accomplish this also.
We must train our emotions to flow with the Spirit so that it does not become second nature but our only nature.
May we all do great and wondrous things,
Richie and Linda
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Richard’s Writing

There was a man I once worked with when we were both young. I recently heard an old song that reminded me of him.I changed jobs and I had not seen him for years.One day a friend told me that this man’s wife had died and I thought “how sad ” for we were still considered young. The friend also told me that this man stood over his wife’s grave and shot himself.

Of course many would say ” he went straight to hell”. “Why that’s even against the law, a cowardly act”. But that was far from what I thought when I first heard the news all those years ago. My thoughts were that there was determination and a measure of bravery in his actions. He loved this woman and would pass thru death to find her again. Few women who have ever lived in this world have been loved with such intensity.

So all these years later as this song called him to my remembrance I still feel the same way about it, except even more so. As for as judgment, which we as humans are so very good at, I have suspended it between heaven and earth in the realm of the soul.

Even the Bible, which is too often used to beat us down, states “do not judge a thing until the end”. My judgment will remain suspended until the end. My hope is that yours will be also.


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The Fullness of Time 1st Series by Richard Cosentino

The Fullness of Time

First in a series by Richard Cosentino

 “When the fullness if time had come God sent fourth His Son”. How can we begin to understand that time as it is experienced on this planet and it’s very temporal existence, fits into the plan of God.

Our perception of the world is formed by our life’s experience. Our perception of God is formed by our religious and spiritual experience. As I have stated before, I did not seek God, He sought after me. After reading the entire bible and listening to a variety of preaching while parading through several churches, I concluded there were two major unanswered questions. Jesus is coming back. Just what does that mean? The second question involves the salvation of man. What is our part, and what is God’s part?

In this series let’s look into the second question. Do we even understand what salvation is? If it is not being saved from eternal punishment in a torture chamber, then what exactly is salvation really? Getting past all of the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic words, lets say it is self awareness or the ability to know ourselves and have an individual identity beyond physical death. This I believe is the root cause of the physical universe problem. This is what caused Paul to cry out  “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection”.

I went to sea as a young man and had to stand lookout on the bow of the ship at night. On a clear night with no moon the star light was bright enough to not need a flashlight to walk the deck. The sky was packed with stars it seemed with no empty spot for another. I decided in the midst of this awesome sight,  there must be life throughout this vast universe. Part of the resistance to believing in life on other planets is the notion that Jesus would have to suffer and die on every one of them to appease God on behalf of the local population. Of course, belief in a blood sacrifice is a typical and common pagan practice. Let’s hope we have come to realize that Jesus went to the cross to show a path past physical death. Our belief in an angry and vengeful God can never make it so. Remember Jesus told the religious establishment of His day, “You don’t know God”.

In ancient times the earth was thought to be the center of the entire universe. In the present we know it is not the center of anything in the cosmos. So then what is so important about time as it is experienced on this planet. Let’s consider that no matter what we believe, this is not the real world. Our five senses only paint a partial image in our brain.

The prophet Isaiah in the midst of a lengthy forecast of God pouring out His wrath, stated in verse 34:4, “God will roll up the heavens like a scroll”. In a moment of spiritual connection I saw that the universe is not as vast as it appears to us. It is like a round room filled with narrow vertical mirrors and standing in the middle of the room, we are surrounded by multiple images, but we know, we are alone.

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