January 19-HAVE YOU BEEN BUMPED BY ANOTHER VEHICLE? A vehicle could be your body, a car, to take you around, a home for you to live in, and a means of conveying to You the Truth of your Being. Has another person’s vehicle been hitting you in the back, so you could turn around and remember who and why you are here? This person is trying to bump you to awaken from your amnesia to your True Identity as a Child of God. This bump never is to hurt you, but just a tap to cause you to think differently. This vehicle is the Christ of your Being waiting patiently for you to surrender your little self and become alive to your Real Self of the Christ in you and As you. The human mind is so filled with lies that you can do everything by yourself, and you do not need God. We are a Royal Children of God in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom you shine as lights in the darkened world. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT.

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January 18-HUMPTY DUMPTY- “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.” A wall represents all the past thought with future thoughts that stops us from receiving Spiritual thoughts of the Present. A wall separates us from Being One with each other. A wall keeps out evil people with destroying thoughts to kill the Christ in us. Spirit Beings appeared as falling from one realm to a lower realm that caused us to not  remember that the I AM presence of God is within each of us. “All the Kings horses and all the kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” All the king’s horses are the power with the king’s men are the thoughts that EDGE GOD OUT. The real King is “God.” The King’s men are all of us that share our Truths with each other to help others grow deeper. What was Humpty Dumpty? An egg represents new Spiritual thoughts that grows to maturity. Spiritual food to nourish our body, resurrection life evolving from an egg. I give every thought meaning according to my perception means what I think it means. Let us put Humpty Dumpty back on a wall where everyone can see the glory of God that an egg can perform. A miracle means a change in perception to Be God like.

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January 17-TRAFFIC RULES. We get angry when driving if someone runs in front of you or cuts you off that you have to make a quick stop in order not to get into an accident. First of all anger is never Godlike. If you want to Be Godlike in everything you do and say, we must change our words to say and do something positive. Negative words leads to a change in every cell of our bodies to react with aches and pains that does not help our health condition. Forgiveness prepares our bodies and our minds to Be completely free. Forgiveness is not only for us, but for the other person to completely erase all hurts on both sides. Forgive a driver because forgiveness goes out to the world to let the other driver stop driving ridicules. Does it seem impossible to change someone’s thoughts in another car? Yes, all things are possible with God’s rules of Love. Thoughts can travel faster than the speed of Light which is 186,000 miles per second. Thoughts are creative. We can co-create with God. Rules of God is Love one another. It is that simple to accomplish all the peace in the world. It starts with me.

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January 16-ARE YOU READY FOR THE NUMBER SEVEN? The number seven represents Divine perfection, totally completion. God rested on the seventh day. We are to rest in God each day to know that everything is going to be alright. The colors of the rainbow are Violet -Spiritually, Indigo- Infinity, Blue-Divinity, Green-Life and nature, yellow-Wisdom, Orange-Creativity, Red-Unconditional Love and vibrancy. We want to have Divine perfection. Everything else in this world is Instead of God. It is a daily process to Be Divine perfection to come because of who and what we are already. The only way to receive number seven is to real-eyes that it is already here for our recognition. God can only create a Spirit world and a Spirit body. The Divine perfection is to know that the Christ of our Being is in control of our lives and not the little “i” of my Being. We must die to self human desires to please the flesh of carnal thinking, and come alive to the Christ of our Being. Let the Christ flow through us to know that we cannot do nothing on our own. “We can do all things through Christ.”

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January 15-PROTO TYPE MEANS. Paul wrote in Colossians 1:15-The Greek word “prototokos” which was interpreted First Born. This word also means many more are created just like Him. Christ Jesus was the first to bring us the Christ of our Being, and to tell us that the Kingdom of God is within us. God lives in us and AS US. The Christ is in us and flows through us. The Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God. “I can do all things through Christ (not i,me, or my). We are the Royal Sons and Daughters of God. We can do nothing of ourselves. We let the Christ flow through us in everything we do and say. God will never leave us or forsake us even when we feel that God is not there. God extended Him-self into each of us, but we forgot who and what we are. Christ Jesus said, “we must be Born Again into the Spirit Realm” where we are created. Nicodemus thought we had to go back to our Mother’s womb. No not human birth, but birth in the Spirit Realm. We fell into a realm of human thinking instead of the thinking of God only. Christ Jesus took away sin, sickness, pain, suffering at the cross and gave us the Mind of Christ. Christ Jesus is the first Savior to show us that many Saviors will come from Mountain Zion (spirit realm) as spoken of in Revelations. It is our inheritance to become like Him,” for when we see Him, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.”

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January 14-CAST DOWN VAIN IMAGINATIONS. The word imagine means to conceive in your mind. Vain means worthless thoughts. We can use our imagination for good when we have faith to Believe something great is going to happen, that is not seen as yet. We cast down all arguments, wars, depression, pain and suffering with every negative thought that temps us to create negative human situations. Fear is false evidence appearing Real. Words of encouragement creates a person’s worth for this day. Criticism must be cast down in order to see beauty instead of faults. Be happy to share what God has shown you to others to cause them to grow, and see things in a positive way instead of a negative way. I want all my thoughts to Be Godlike in what I say and do. Arguments and fighting does not accomplish anything, but more of the same. If we change our thinking about people to see them as God created them, we will want to see them as God sees them.

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January 13-CHANGE YOUR THINKING OF THE WORLD. It is very hard to see Good in every person, and every event with human carnal minds. We can put on the eyes of Christ to flow through us. God is in all of us. Some people see flowers as an allergy, but others see flowers as beauty. It is all in our perception of what we think things are. Lemons can change into lemonade. Mountains in our lives as Spirit thoughts, and valleys of negative thoughts seen as learning points to go up higher.”For the weapons of our warfare are not physical weapons, for war, but they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds, casting down vain imaginations with every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God to the bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Have you looked into the mirror to see the magnificent unique MASTERPIECE YOU REALLY ARE? Our God knows all the things we need. “Seek the Kingdom of God within you first in the morning and evening all through the day and all things added to you. Feel the Presence of Love surrounding you.

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January 12-WHAT IS THE MEANING OF FACT OR FICTION? Fact is the Truth of God. You are a Spirit Being. “You are created in the image (reflection in a mirror) and likeness (exact copy) of God both male and female.” Gen. 1:27 You are a unique masterpiece.You are an individual expression of the Living God. You can fit in the reserved puzzle piece just for you. You are beautiful, talented, healthy, Unconditional Love, abundantly supplies and most loved. Without you “God is not complete.” Christ flows through your Being. Fiction is something in our imagination that is not real. We think we are human beings instead of Spirit Beings. We don’t have to earn Being God like, just Be and believe. We are duped to believe, we are morality living by the demands of the human flesh mind desires instead of immortal Beings living forever. Fiction is all the beliefs given us by the ego thoughts in our own mind that Edges God Out. We don’t want to believe a lie instead of Knowing the Truth, and tempted to think these negative thoughts all that is. Let ‘s go to infinity and beyond.

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January 11-CHRIST HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD. We think that God is far away from us when things seem to go wrong, and God seems to be no where in sight. We know that God’s Presence will never leave us for forsake us to turn the situation into good. Our thoughts will change when we Trust in God to carry us through the situations that seem to be impossible. We have a God of the impossible. When we turn on the light to let the light shine, the darkness of negative thinking is erased. Where was the darkness? It never was there only in our own minds. Our negative thoughts are changed to positive thoughts. “Christ Jesus taught us that in the world we will have tribulations (great misery or distress), but the Christ has overcome the world.” Fear is our worst enemy. Perfect Love cast out fear, and we must nip fear in the bud to get rid of it as soon as possible because what we fear the most will come upon us. When fear (false evidence appearing real) no longer is present is when we KNOW the Truth and the Truth will set us free.

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January 10-YOU ARE THE CONTAINER OF GOD. You are the cup of God that contains the Substance. John 18:11 “The cup which the Father has given me, shall I not drink?” To drink of the cup means to take in faith, “Seeing the Substance hoped for is manifested.” Drinking of the Living Water is done by crossing out of the personal self of me, i, and my to have a Spiritual Life. We can change lemons to lemonade. “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” “You can put thoughts or the sword back into the sheath to think thoughts of peace instead of fighting. Nehemiah was a cup bearer meaning he tasted everything for the King so no one could poison the King. The Christ Jesus tasted death, burial and resurrection for us and in US so we could be able to do the same things through Christ that lives within us. This cup will never cause us to thirst again. Remove from me the cup that contains human thinking, all negative thoughts, all of human belief that are lies, and fill the cup with the Substance of Christ the only Substance there is. Let my cup be filled with the Spirit Realm only that God is in control of my life and God is all there IS. When you pray believe the request is already happened. This is how Christ Jesus saw no pain and suffering, dis-ease but perfectness.

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January 9-WE CAN STARVE OUR NEGATIVE OLD MAN. Your negative thoughts that tries to rule your life keeps popping up each day to try to destroy your Identity as a Spirit person having the life of God in your Being. These thoughts are only temptations that are not real unless you believe them and react to these situations. Whatever you feed, grows. Do we feed things of God or things of the human mind that does not exist only by the belief in it. We have the Mind of Christ only. There is not two minds inside of you. One that believes the lies of the ego thoughts that Edge God Out or the Mind of Christ that grows you deeper each day in the Spirit Realm which never leaves you or forsakes you even what we think, “Where are you God?” When will we Be pain free? The only problem we have is the THOUGHT that we are separated from God that will never happen. The answer is NOW as soon as I get rid of the OLD human mind to know that the New Man only exist. It does seem impossible at times, but God is a God of impossibilities and God is all there IS. Think on these things!

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January 8-LIGHT VERSES THE WORLD OF DARKNESS. We think the ego thoughts that Edge God Out is real instead of listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. We came into a world of darkness to not turning around to face the light to not having carnal flesh nature. We believe in fear, sickness, pain, suffering which appears to be more real than Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love. The Christ of our Being found a door way out of the darkness by turning on the Light (understanding) to freedom. Christ Jesus went into the darkened minds of human beliefs to set the captives free. We had a spell on us by hypnotism with our own negative thoughts to tempt us. The ego thoughts are first to speak that makes us think we should do something right now. We fell into a trance and thought this world is real instead of the Spirit World. The ego says you are deceived thinking that God is all there IS. These thoughts of ego says that human thoughts are more powerful than the Spirit thoughts of Truth.We are awaken from our long sleep to the Truth of Being Spirit Beings in a Spirit World. Wake up Snow White.

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January 7-SPEAK WORDS OF LOVE. We can speak the words of Love, and the Love of God surrounds us to feel THE PRESENCE of God within us.. When we are upset about anything, we can stop a minute, and not react to the situation. We are Love because God is Love. We can speak Health, Healing and wholeness to this body. Our Father brings us wholeness into our Being. “I AM not this body, I AM free. I AM AS GOD CREATED ME.” We can speak Divine Guidance and see a clear path to take in our journey of Life to lead us to a person that we can share what God is teaching us. I speak the words of Joy and “Joy unspeakable becomes Full of Glory.” Peace is seen with Real Eyes to Be Peace in their Being. Happiness is wished for all our families no matter what their lives are at this moment. Everything in us reflects the Christ in us in everything we say and do. Our thoughts are changed to the Thoughts of God only. “Thou shall declare a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.” Job 22:28

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January 6-SEEING THINGS AS THEY ARE. A diamond is a diamond with many facets. We are the diamond in the rough. A pearl needs much sandpaper of other people to make it smooth and round. The human body has many parts, but is still ONE BODY. Every part of this body has a special function and purpose. There are many mansions (dwelling places of God to dwell in in all of Us). The word Christ means anointed ONE. We are all the Christ of God. Peter said, “Jesus is the CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD.” “We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ Jesus. Romans 8:17. Genesis 1:27-“Let US created man in our own image, in the image (reflection in a mirror) and likeness (exact copy) of God created both male and female created them.” The Us is Father God and Mother God Holy Spirit in their image. I accept this Living Presence of the Christ in every cell of my body and accept this presence as my Health, Wholeness, Healed through the Presence of God that is within. We can accept seeing things As They Are in the Spirit Realm with a Spirit Body that lives in a Spirit Universe free of all evil.

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January 5-USE YOUR SLING SHOT. A sling shot is a device with elastic band for shooting stones. David had five smooth stones. Five is the number of Grace. The smooth stones meant five stones of Truth that were made smooth and round with no rugged edges to defeat any irritations that come our way. These stones were tried in the fire and passed through without the smell of smoke. People are used as sand paper to make our pearl round and smooth. We use our sling shot not to kill, but to delete any negative thoughts that try to temp us to believe a lie instead of the truth. You are not pretty enough, smart enough, powerful enough, and so on that EGO thoughts tries to destroy our Identity with hypnotized and memorized thoughts that are not real unless we believe they are real. We are the Royal Sons and Daughters of God as an heir of God and Joint heir with Christ Jesus. You are a masterpiece. You bring the Invisible God to a world of vision that knows nothing of God.

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January 4-YOU CAN BE INSPIRED BY GOD EACH DAY. You can see a reflection in the water of you. Be still and hear the “Still small voice inside of you.” Water that is not still is filled with worried troubles, and  can not see the perfect reflection The inspiration within you receives and governs every thought, every deed, every word spoken, when we let go and Let Christ flow in us. I have the keys of the Kingdom to open the door to go into the Presence of God with every thought. Our minds are opened to the Divine Presence to flood our Being with light and understanding to illuminate us with a radiant glow. Our footsteps follow the footprints of Christ Jesus to lead us into peace and joy. You are a Pearl of Great Price with a drop of water that contains the whole ocean. Philippians 4:8-“Think on the things that are true, lovely, honest, good report, praise, think on these things.” Listen to the inspiration today to be on the throne of your mind.

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The opening ceremony had a Light of harmony and solidarity uniting every one in the Spirit of Solidarity (firm unity). Ninety two nations participated in the Olympics.  Nine meaning conclusion of a matter or finality.  Two is short of the Trinity meaning three persons in One God including the sons and daughter of God as one person. Two also means witness to reality. The lighting of the Pagoda means the house of secret relics who are the children of God in the Secret Place of the Most High God with the Prayer Pagoda which unites every one in the Spirit of harmony.

I think the whole idea of the Olympics is to bring us unity with each other all over the world and to get together even in competition to learn to get along with each other and to Love each other.  North Korea and South Korea got together as one team and one flag meaning One with each other instead of war. The United States of America had 23 total metals.  The number 23 means a message of the greatest urgency; a number signifying the end or completion; a command to go or move away (war and rumors of war). Nine gold metals. Gold always signifies God or Deity.  The number nine means special properties and powers which are found in no other number. It makes the end of the conclusion of a matter; It is a number of finality or judgment (turning point). Eight Silver metals. Eight is the number of New Beginnings and Silver means Redemption. Six bronze metals meaning six is the number of imperfection or the human thinking or human behavior without Christ or God coming short of seven meaning perfection. Six is number of man’s labor doing things by self instead of God’s rest. Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin, and always refers to the third place winner. Copper has to do with the planet Venus-The Goddess of Love meaning balance and harmony. Tin is associated with Jupiter meaning cultivation of Spiritual side expansion.

The Closing ceremony came first the Queen representing our Mother God Being recognized. Then came the musical instruments called Geomungo a unique an ancient instrument with the round part representing the sky and the flat part is the earth. Kingdom of God as in heaven Spirit) as on earth.  Then came a field of lighted Dandelions meaning faithfulness; happiness; Love.  The turtle remembers those who have passed and are in the Cloud of Witnesses. The turtle embarks on a journey across life and death in the middle of the procession holding the Dandelions. The Turtle means long life passes through the tunnel to express new changes by pushing boundaries and new records. The city in Revelations is all of the sons and daughters are the city to be a point for a new start.

Drones flying together made a bear who is symbol China who is the next Olympic host. Then the drones formed a heart meaning flags of brotherhood shines like the sun with Love, Unity and Good fortune. The five children return with a snow globe meaning the Light of God in each person.  The snowflakes extinguish the artificial light to the Light of God with white balloons of white lights and the White Tiger is like the Lion who is King. The King is God who gives us peace and a new beginning with Christ as the Head.

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SPIRITUAL SIDE OF THE OPENING CEREMONY OF THE OLYMPICS by Linda Cosentino. First of all North Korea and South Korea united as one team. They said every thing is from One Energy. North Korea representative was his sister. The U. S. A. was the presence of our Vice President, Mike Pence and his wife. The tiger had 12 men under it to motive it. Twelve is the number of Divine Government. The tiger reached out to touch the 5 children from North and South Korea. Five is the number of Grace the blessings of God. In the bible the Lion and the Lamb lie down together in peace with each other. The children were not afraid of the tiger and the tiger did not hurt them. The next thing I noticed was two doves. Doves always represent the Mother God who gives us Divine Unconditional Love. The two doves united together meaning the Father God our Creator and the Mother God’s Love. Next the doves became the Eagle. The eagle soars high in the Spirit Realm and no birds can ever reach it. The crow who represents the ego thoughts that Edge God Out in our own minds cannot reach the Eagle. God calls us Eagle Saints. The torch of Light was first lit by North Korea and given to South Korea and then to 300,00 people meaning that We are the Light of the world. Where does the darkness of negative thinking go when the Light is turned on? It disappears because it was never there only in our own minds. This was the example to Peace and the Kingdom of God coming to the earth as in heaven.

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At this writing I am 77 years of age.I recently had to go for my annual physical checkup. In the days before, I was seeking the Spirit as to why we must go thru this earthy experience with a body that sooner or later will fail us. If we take a few steps back and look at the really BIG PICTURE why is this universe of continuous life and death struggles necessary. Even the apostle Paul cried out for the redemption of his body.
In the style that has happened in my life before, I heard the word “MECHANISM”. As has also happened before, a flood of thoughts came with this single word. I see that this is part of the process of God making man in HIS image. This is a very competitive world in which we believe that we must struggle to get ours. How would it work out if we all could call matter into existence as Jesus did. So many of us have strong egos and I am sure this would quickly get out of hand.
God created everything out of HIMSELF.  When we learn to create, it will be from our inner most being where God is. This is why we experience this life and death world. Remember, even angels wonder and long to look into the mysteries of this world. In this world as in the next, there is no substitute for experience.
This mortal body is simply part of the “MECHANISM.” God has chosen to prepare us for the non competitive world of the Kingdom. May the lessons of this lifetime serve us well and may we enter the Kingdom prepared to serve and create as God would have us.
Richard & Linda
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The story of Adam and Eve demonstrates how our minds are eager to believe a lie. I think the human mind has an inherent serious flaw that makes it grab on to lies to the point of  being ridiculous. Especially when it come to killing other men in the name of god.
Through my long working career, I had the pleasure of working with mostly honest,”what you see is what you get”, types of people. However there was always a few much better at saying what they could do as opposed to actually doing it. Some were very good at painting pictures in the minds of others with mere words. These false pictures would be believed even after strong evidence was presented to the contrary.
I spent long hours trying to understand how some people were so successful at doing this, forming these lies and having the lies work for them for years. Then a term called “Conversational Hypnosis” was brought to my attention. All of a sudden I realized the human mind does have a serious flaw just like I have said for many years. I present this information not to hate those that have the ability to secretly impose their will on others, but for a better cause. We need to understand the weakness and vulnerability of our own mind. How easily we believe the lies of this world even after some of us have had wonderful experiences and visions and have seen into the future thing that surely came to pass.
The point is we must train our minds to push aside the lies about this physical world and learn to center on the Spirit, and live every day in peace, honestly seeking true understanding.
The Bible states that when Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple was rent (torn).This was great symbolism but the temple in Jerusalem is long gone. It is the veil in our human brain that still physically exists. This is the veil we must pierce while yet in this body to move into the realm of the Spirit. By Richard Cosentino
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Deep Well of Emotions by Richard Cosentino

Some have said that Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead with His emotions. This caused all of the loose marbles in my logical mind to bounce around in disarray.
I would never trust human emotion. The first emotions to jump up in everyday life is envy and jealously. Even if we purpose to control these base emotions they forever lurk beneath the
So what would the emotions of Jesus have to do with accomplishing the supernatural in this dense, fixed, present arrangement of things???
Suppose Jesus took a certain path or tarried on His way to certain events to accomplish one simple but all important arrangement. To bring his human emotions into subjection of the Spirit!!!
Remember the double minded man receives nothing from God. If we are to play and part in ushering in the Kingdom of God on this earth we must accomplish this also.
We must train our emotions to flow with the Spirit so that it does not become second nature but our only nature.
May we all do great and wondrous things,
Richie and Linda
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Richard’s Writing

There was a man I once worked with when we were both young. I recently heard an old song that reminded me of him.I changed jobs and I had not seen him for years.One day a friend told me that this man’s wife had died and I thought “how sad ” for we were still considered young. The friend also told me that this man stood over his wife’s grave and shot himself.

Of course many would say ” he went straight to hell”. “Why that’s even against the law, a cowardly act”. But that was far from what I thought when I first heard the news all those years ago. My thoughts were that there was determination and a measure of bravery in his actions. He loved this woman and would pass thru death to find her again. Few women who have ever lived in this world have been loved with such intensity.

So all these years later as this song called him to my remembrance I still feel the same way about it, except even more so. As for as judgment, which we as humans are so very good at, I have suspended it between heaven and earth in the realm of the soul.

Even the Bible, which is too often used to beat us down, states “do not judge a thing until the end”. My judgment will remain suspended until the end. My hope is that yours will be also.


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The Fullness of Time 1st Series by Richard Cosentino

The Fullness of Time

First in a series by Richard Cosentino

 “When the fullness if time had come God sent fourth His Son”. How can we begin to understand that time as it is experienced on this planet and it’s very temporal existence, fits into the plan of God.

Our perception of the world is formed by our life’s experience. Our perception of God is formed by our religious and spiritual experience. As I have stated before, I did not seek God, He sought after me. After reading the entire bible and listening to a variety of preaching while parading through several churches, I concluded there were two major unanswered questions. Jesus is coming back. Just what does that mean? The second question involves the salvation of man. What is our part, and what is God’s part?

In this series let’s look into the second question. Do we even understand what salvation is? If it is not being saved from eternal punishment in a torture chamber, then what exactly is salvation really? Getting past all of the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic words, lets say it is self awareness or the ability to know ourselves and have an individual identity beyond physical death. This I believe is the root cause of the physical universe problem. This is what caused Paul to cry out  “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection”.

I went to sea as a young man and had to stand lookout on the bow of the ship at night. On a clear night with no moon the star light was bright enough to not need a flashlight to walk the deck. The sky was packed with stars it seemed with no empty spot for another. I decided in the midst of this awesome sight,  there must be life throughout this vast universe. Part of the resistance to believing in life on other planets is the notion that Jesus would have to suffer and die on every one of them to appease God on behalf of the local population. Of course, belief in a blood sacrifice is a typical and common pagan practice. Let’s hope we have come to realize that Jesus went to the cross to show a path past physical death. Our belief in an angry and vengeful God can never make it so. Remember Jesus told the religious establishment of His day, “You don’t know God”.

In ancient times the earth was thought to be the center of the entire universe. In the present we know it is not the center of anything in the cosmos. So then what is so important about time as it is experienced on this planet. Let’s consider that no matter what we believe, this is not the real world. Our five senses only paint a partial image in our brain.

The prophet Isaiah in the midst of a lengthy forecast of God pouring out His wrath, stated in verse 34:4, “God will roll up the heavens like a scroll”. In a moment of spiritual connection I saw that the universe is not as vast as it appears to us. It is like a round room filled with narrow vertical mirrors and standing in the middle of the room, we are surrounded by multiple images, but we know, we are alone.

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