October 23-ARE YOU A LOST SHEEP?  Sheep are the most harmless and innocent of all animals.  They represent the natural life that flows into man from the Spirit.  It is so pure, innocent and when we open up our minds to the Spirit, we cannot go astray.  The Christ says we are the sheep and the Christ is the shepherd.  The sheep have to be led by the shepherd.  They have no defense system to take care of them selves.  If they fall into a pit, they cannot get up by themselves.  The shepherd takes care of their eyes, nose and all of their body necessities.  I never had a good sense of direction to go some where.  I always forget which way to go.  I have to depend on someone else telling me the right direction.  Richie tells me if I think to go right, go left and I will be at the right place at the right time.  God says that He is sending us out as sheep with a pack of wolves.  This means to always depend on God to put the Shield of Protection on us to all the wolves that are mean and cruel and speak ugly words to destroy us.  I cannot be lost if God is my pilot.
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October 22-THE BRANCH DOES NOTHING.  The I AM within me is the vine.  We are the branches both sons and daughters.  The perfect body is the fruit.  The indwelling Christ flows through the roots to the branches and produces fruit of Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness.  If we feel separated from the vine, we are cut off from the Christ only in our thinking.  The branches does nothing but abides in the vine.  If we do not die to self, the branch will whither and die in the Spiritual Realm from lack of Spiritual Food received each day. I do not want my own way, only the will of God in my life.  We die daily to the little self and become alive to our Real Self.  The branches are unique but still One with the vine.  With abiding in the vine, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  My Daily Lessons are written with Being One in the vine of inspiration.  We can all Be the branches that produce much fruit.
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October 21-I WANT THE VISION SEEN BY GOD.  Vision means power of seeing; something seen in a dream, mental image, foresight.  Can you believe that God gave the inspiration to us to form a piece of glass-glasses for us to be able to see.  We lost our Spiritual vision when we came into a lower dimension of soul (my mind, my will, my intellect, my emotions instead of God’s Will, and Unconditional Love.  I want Christ’s vision to look through me today to see a world and people differently.  God’s sight sees peace, joy, happiness, forgiveness.  Let us remove the cataract of human thinking and human seeing with its negative actions that causes us not to see clearly because of the opaque (not transparent) film over our sight. “I, the Lord will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with MY EYE UPON YOU.”  “Blessed are your eyes, because they do see, and your ears that do hear the spiritual sight of God.
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October 20-PUT ON YOUR ROYAL SHOES. Shoes represent our walk with God. Take off your human shoes because YOU are on Holy Ground because God is within you. Dorthy in “The Wizard of Oz” had on Royal Red Shoes of Love to click when needed. The Prodigal Son Real Eyes that when he came back to God in his thinking, the Father gave him Royal Shoes to walk in. Ester had the perfect walk when she went to visit the King. Each of us are Sons and Daughters of God that have forgot who and what we ARE. You belong to a Royal Family and have a path to walk in order to re-member that you forgot who you are. When we walk through these difficult times of challenges in life, we know with the shoes we go through all difficulties without the smell of smoke in the fires. Shoes are part of the armor of God to bring peace where ever you walk. Shoes protect you feet from abuse of people who criticize your walk with evil words about you who do not know the path that God has chosen for you to be made in the image of God.

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October 19-ARE YOU IN THE EYE OF THE STORM? In the eye of the storm there is all peace and happiness. You don’t worry about the storm on the outside of you only the communication of God within. If God is within us, we know that everything is going to be alright. In the eye of the storm, if you are in a boat the waves will not bother you only if you let the storms and waves of life come inside of you and cause you to loose your peace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you do not have any challenges of life but have peace within the eye of the storm? Re-member the challenges causes us to grow deeper in the roots of the Spirit and higher in the Spirit realm. When we go through difficulties in life, it makes us aware to choose peace instead and if a person is involved , we will choose not to be like them, but to Be Godlike in every situation. God causes us to go through tribulations where the floods will not overflow us and the fires will not cause you to be burned or not even the smell of smoke.

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October 18-MEANING OF THE TERM SWEAT OF THE BROW.  The word brow means forehead before the mind.  Adam and Eve were in the garden of the Spirit Realm had this thought, “What if there was something other than God.”  They began to have the thought of separation from God.  Everything they did was with their human will and strength instead of God’s will.  This was termed the ego thoughts that Edge God Out.  They had the sweat of the brow to do work without having enjoyment or fun doing everything with stress, anxiety, doing work with drudgery and not enjoying what they did.  Every job was a regret.  The consequences of this thought brought health problems to the body without any rest.  This rest in God is so important, we can do all our physical work with joy, love, happiness without having the sweat of our brow.  By changing our thinking, we can have rest and fun.  Everything you do is not a chore, but an honor.  Enjoy work and life to the best of your ability.  Peace will come.
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October 17-HELP MY UNBELIEF.  Mark 9:28.  Sometimes in our life we have unbelievable miracles that happen.  Then other times God wants us to believe in a special blessing, and we can’t believe the impossible to be able to happen.  God wants us to Ask, Believe and then Receive.  Some prayers are not answered right away because it is not the right time.  God’s plans are always that “Everything is going to be alright.”  If the prayers are not answered, it is because God has something greater for us than what we ask for.  Some reasons for unbelief is God is showing us a Truth that we have to chew and wrestle with on instead of receiving right away like babies drinking milk instead of growing to receive strong meat.  Lack of faith, darkness of the carnal human mind, pride of man, to live without God and can do everything by self, hatred towards God and so forth.  Let Go and Let God.  God knows the beginning from the end and knows just what it will take to teach us how to Love God and Love our neighbor.
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October 16-TAKE OFF YOUR HUMAN MASK AND BE WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE. We sometimes are not satisfied who we are and want to be something different to what we are created to Be.  We all put on our mask to hide what we are.  We are truly beautiful and perfect even when we do not act like we are created perfect.  Did you know you have a perfect weight and figure and a beautiful body to represent the invisible God to the visible world.  Why do we think we are not good enough or worthy to be a child of the King and Queen?  You have royal blood.  Your God parents love you with Unconditional Love and lives within your Being in you and AS you.  We all have a special plan and purpose that is unique that no one else can fit the mold.  We must stay on the potter’s wheel to smooth out all the lumps of clay of human thinking and know and believe who you are.  You are a masterpiece of the Living God to let your light shine in the darkest places to bring people back to God where they came from.
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October 15-GOD LOOKS AFTER YOUR HEART.  God is interested if your love from your heart.  God does not look at your behavior and waits to punish you because God is Unconditional Love.  Love is a Divine attribute from the Mind of Christ that is unlimited  and is a quality of Being.  When we make a mistake with human thinking, God sees your intent from the heart.  In all situations, we open up our heart and invite God in to take control and know that God is all There Is.  People say things about you, but who cares what people say.  God is in control of my life and everyone Else’s life even if they do not know the Presence of God at all times.  You are Unconditional Love when you see everyone is the Christ the Sons and Daughters of the Living God.  Not judging and not talking about anyone and see Beauty instead of faults. You do your part and God will change all of our thinking.
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October 14-SPIRITUAL MEANING OF NOAH.  Noah means rest; calm; quiet; peace.  Noah rest finds favor in the eyes of God.  The flood represents wicked thoughts drowns and your earth is cleansed.  Noah showed obedience  through which the seed of new state of consciousness is saved.  To rest in God means that you trust God that everything is going to be alright.  When the negative thoughts are used to wrong relation to the Truth, lets the man made thoughts delete.  The flood represents the Baptism of Spirit knowing that you will know the Christ is in you and As you.  We call this a born again experience.  Noah was in the Presence of God in the Ark of his own being.  Water represents unexpressed capacity where the whole earth of your Being is filled with potential ideas waiting for the Words of Truth to bring spiritual realities.  “There is a river of life flowing out from me, makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.”  The rainbow is a covenant with God to orderly arrangement of ideas in the Mind of Christ and their perfect manifestations brings forth the Christ principle coming to Divine Law of Love.  We finally have rest.
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October 13-WHO IS RICHARD COSENTINO?  He is my husband for 57 years.  Today is his birthday of 79 years young.  The time we have together seems like a blink in the eye, because it went by so fast.  We have three children and three- in laws, eight grand children and two great grand children.  He is the most Godly person I know.  Richie is the person that will do anything to help a person free of charge and loves what he does.  He is called Paw Paw’s Fix It Shop who can fix everything except a broken heart. Richie seems to solve many problems with the inspiration of God. The word Richard means “Brave.”  “His scripture is “For God has not given us the Spirit of Fear, but of Power, and of Love, and a sound mind.”  2nd Tim. 1:7. His favorite words are, “Don’t worry, Everything is going to be alright.”  I would say, He is very special and takes good care of me.  He loves me Unconditional.  We are looking forward to many years together in the future.  I pray that he will prosper, be free of pain, and have a long, long life ahead with us together.  We must always see beauty instead of faults.
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October 12-WHAT IS THE SIN AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT?  The word sin is an archery term means missing the mark of the Bull’s Eye.  When we sin, we miss the mark of Being God like in everything we do and say.  The sin that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is forgetting who and what we are, acting like human beings instead of Spirit Beings. Jesus said,”I do always the will of my Father.”  This sin makes us feel guilty and can never be forgiven until we remove the guilt of the situation and have Real-Eyes of the Royalty of God Beings, the sons and daughters of God.  On earth there is a pattern to follow in the Spirit Realm.  There is a father and mother of each child and we have a Father God and a Mother God or Holy Spirit.  When we refuse to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, we think that we are going to have our own way and not the Will of God in our lives.  We began to believe we are separated from God in our thinking.  As soon as we remember that God will never leave me or forsake me, we come back to our Father and Mother’s house.  All is forgiven and wash away and never have guilt or fear or any other human traits again.

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October 10-I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST.  What does this statement mean in Gal. 2:20?  All the things in our lives were nailed to the cross that was not Christ like.  This was a death to human behavior and coming Alive to Christ.  The letter of the law with all its rules and rituals and has no power to influence us any more.   Death to the physical world, death to the love of money, pride of life, death to the dominion of evil and hateful passions by Faith in Christ that surrounded every selfish desire to the Will of God.  At the cross we lost every idea to please the little self and to learn our True Identity.  Our help comes from the Holy Spirit to bring forth Spiritual life and to have Life more abundantly.  Temptation that caused us to be enslaved is crucified in Christ.  Born again experience brings us to be in the Kingdom of God forever.  The resurrection did away with death and caused new life to be within us.  “It is not I, but the Christ that lives in me.”  Christ Jesus paid the price for us that we did not go to the cross physically, but had to die to the little self to Be the Real Self of our Being.

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At this writing I am 77 years of age.I recently had to go for my annual physical checkup. In the days before, I was seeking the Spirit as to why we must go thru this earthy experience with a body that sooner or later will fail us. If we take a few steps back and look at the really BIG PICTURE why is this universe of continuous life and death struggles necessary. Even the apostle Paul cried out for the redemption of his body.
In the style that has happened in my life before, I heard the word “MECHANISM”. As has also happened before, a flood of thoughts came with this single word. I see that this is part of the process of God making man in HIS image. This is a very competitive world in which we believe that we must struggle to get ours. How would it work out if we all could call matter into existence as Jesus did. So many of us have strong egos and I am sure this would quickly get out of hand.
God created everything out of HIMSELF.  When we learn to create, it will be from our inner most being where God is. This is why we experience this life and death world. Remember, even angels wonder and long to look into the mysteries of this world. In this world as in the next, there is no substitute for experience.
This mortal body is simply part of the “MECHANISM.” God has chosen to prepare us for the non competitive world of the Kingdom. May the lessons of this lifetime serve us well and may we enter the Kingdom prepared to serve and create as God would have us.
Richard & Linda
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The story of Adam and Eve demonstrates how our minds are eager to believe a lie. I think the human mind has an inherent serious flaw that makes it grab on to lies to the point of  being ridiculous. Especially when it come to killing other men in the name of god.
Through my long working career, I had the pleasure of working with mostly honest,”what you see is what you get”, types of people. However there was always a few much better at saying what they could do as opposed to actually doing it. Some were very good at painting pictures in the minds of others with mere words. These false pictures would be believed even after strong evidence was presented to the contrary.
I spent long hours trying to understand how some people were so successful at doing this, forming these lies and having the lies work for them for years. Then a term called “Conversational Hypnosis” was brought to my attention. All of a sudden I realized the human mind does have a serious flaw just like I have said for many years. I present this information not to hate those that have the ability to secretly impose their will on others, but for a better cause. We need to understand the weakness and vulnerability of our own mind. How easily we believe the lies of this world even after some of us have had wonderful experiences and visions and have seen into the future thing that surely came to pass.
The point is we must train our minds to push aside the lies about this physical world and learn to center on the Spirit, and live every day in peace, honestly seeking true understanding.
The Bible states that when Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple was rent (torn).This was great symbolism but the temple in Jerusalem is long gone. It is the veil in our human brain that still physically exists. This is the veil we must pierce while yet in this body to move into the realm of the Spirit. By Richard Cosentino
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Deep Well of Emotions by Richard Cosentino

Some have said that Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead with His emotions. This caused all of the loose marbles in my logical mind to bounce around in disarray.
I would never trust human emotion. The first emotions to jump up in everyday life is envy and jealously. Even if we purpose to control these base emotions they forever lurk beneath the
So what would the emotions of Jesus have to do with accomplishing the supernatural in this dense, fixed, present arrangement of things???
Suppose Jesus took a certain path or tarried on His way to certain events to accomplish one simple but all important arrangement. To bring his human emotions into subjection of the Spirit!!!
Remember the double minded man receives nothing from God. If we are to play and part in ushering in the Kingdom of God on this earth we must accomplish this also.
We must train our emotions to flow with the Spirit so that it does not become second nature but our only nature.
May we all do great and wondrous things,
Richie and Linda
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Richard’s Writing

There was a man I once worked with when we were both young. I recently heard an old song that reminded me of him.I changed jobs and I had not seen him for years.One day a friend told me that this man’s wife had died and I thought “how sad ” for we were still considered young. The friend also told me that this man stood over his wife’s grave and shot himself.

Of course many would say ” he went straight to hell”. “Why that’s even against the law, a cowardly act”. But that was far from what I thought when I first heard the news all those years ago. My thoughts were that there was determination and a measure of bravery in his actions. He loved this woman and would pass thru death to find her again. Few women who have ever lived in this world have been loved with such intensity.

So all these years later as this song called him to my remembrance I still feel the same way about it, except even more so. As for as judgment, which we as humans are so very good at, I have suspended it between heaven and earth in the realm of the soul.

Even the Bible, which is too often used to beat us down, states “do not judge a thing until the end”. My judgment will remain suspended until the end. My hope is that yours will be also.


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The Fullness of Time 1st Series by Richard Cosentino

The Fullness of Time

First in a series by Richard Cosentino

 “When the fullness if time had come God sent fourth His Son”. How can we begin to understand that time as it is experienced on this planet and it’s very temporal existence, fits into the plan of God.

Our perception of the world is formed by our life’s experience. Our perception of God is formed by our religious and spiritual experience. As I have stated before, I did not seek God, He sought after me. After reading the entire bible and listening to a variety of preaching while parading through several churches, I concluded there were two major unanswered questions. Jesus is coming back. Just what does that mean? The second question involves the salvation of man. What is our part, and what is God’s part?

In this series let’s look into the second question. Do we even understand what salvation is? If it is not being saved from eternal punishment in a torture chamber, then what exactly is salvation really? Getting past all of the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic words, lets say it is self awareness or the ability to know ourselves and have an individual identity beyond physical death. This I believe is the root cause of the physical universe problem. This is what caused Paul to cry out  “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection”.

I went to sea as a young man and had to stand lookout on the bow of the ship at night. On a clear night with no moon the star light was bright enough to not need a flashlight to walk the deck. The sky was packed with stars it seemed with no empty spot for another. I decided in the midst of this awesome sight,  there must be life throughout this vast universe. Part of the resistance to believing in life on other planets is the notion that Jesus would have to suffer and die on every one of them to appease God on behalf of the local population. Of course, belief in a blood sacrifice is a typical and common pagan practice. Let’s hope we have come to realize that Jesus went to the cross to show a path past physical death. Our belief in an angry and vengeful God can never make it so. Remember Jesus told the religious establishment of His day, “You don’t know God”.

In ancient times the earth was thought to be the center of the entire universe. In the present we know it is not the center of anything in the cosmos. So then what is so important about time as it is experienced on this planet. Let’s consider that no matter what we believe, this is not the real world. Our five senses only paint a partial image in our brain.

The prophet Isaiah in the midst of a lengthy forecast of God pouring out His wrath, stated in verse 34:4, “God will roll up the heavens like a scroll”. In a moment of spiritual connection I saw that the universe is not as vast as it appears to us. It is like a round room filled with narrow vertical mirrors and standing in the middle of the room, we are surrounded by multiple images, but we know, we are alone.

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