July 28-ABSOLUTE HEALING. “Rise, take up your bed, and walk.” John 5:8. Christ spoke to their minds, and immediately they heard the word. We ask, believe and receive. God is in control to experience a change in our thinking when miracles of healing will happen. Miracles means change in perception of what I see and experience in the Spirit. I want to go to the Resurrection side of the cross. Words spoken are experienced, and sacred with the Presence of the Healer. God is in me and AS me. I AM complete and whole a vessel of Honor. Col. 2:10. My primary doctor is the Christ of my Being who took away everything at the cross and gave me complete healing Spirit, Soul, and Body back to Spirit-Gen. 1:27. Ps. 147:3-He binds up our wounds and continues the process of healing. Give burdens to Christ Jesus. You are a Pearl of Great Price. ALL human thinking to Christ. Matt. 13:45.