January 29-MEANING OF THE WORD CONCEPT. The word concept means a idea, notion. God is the Creator and Substance of the Spiritual universe. God has unlimited knowledge (Omniscience), all Powerful¬† (Omnipotent). present every where (Omnipresence). Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of the God head bodily. God is the Supreme Being, Deity. We are Royal children or Sons and Daughters of God. God is One with us, and we are One with each other. God is within each of us in us and AS US. God is all there is. He extended Him-self into all of us even if we do not know it. Christ Jesus went to cross and took away all pain, sickness, suffering dis-ease, blindness of all human beliefs and nailed it to His body. Christ Jesus said, “It is finished.” We are the image (reflection in a mirror, and likeness (exact image). We can radiate our light to all. Let us go to the Resurrection side of the cross to Be free.

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