January 30-GET YOUR UMBRELLA READY. God is about to rain blessing on us that was never rained before. Every drop of water acts as a prism receiving and transmitting the sunlight. Each drop represents a human being. Get ready for a flood of impossible blessings, that we have prayed so long for. Eliminated from our human thinking are, fear, doubt, pain, suffering, jealousy, hatred, depression, given in to temptations thoughts, dis-ease, and many more. This comes about by feeling the Presence of God in our lives, and knowing that God is in control of every area and that man can think and create into existence instead of just appearances that are not real only in our own minds. We are Spirit Beings having human experiences, and live in a Spiritual Universe Spirit, Soul and Body with the Mind of Christ. I AM more than ready of the rain of many blessings from A God who loves us so much.

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