January 28-YOU HAVE A VEIL OVER YOUR. A veil is anything that conceals. We wear a veil over our face to hide our true Identity as a Spirit Being. Moses had to put a veil over his head to hide the blinding light he received. The veil in the temple of our minds was rent in the midst means that the last step in regeneration is the giving up the thought of the human body to the body of Christ that is imperishable and eternal. The word rent means a letting go of belief in the reality of human material consciousness (what you are aware of) an a awakening of the Light of the Spirit Realm. It is the final relinquishment of the soul (my mind, will, emotions and intellect) to God’s will, emotion of Love, Mind of Christ and God’s intellect. Soul united to the Spirit to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb. The human veil is removed, and all that remains is the Spirit Body and the Spiritual Universe.

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