February 13-IS FEAR CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE? What you fear (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) comes upon you because you are using your tongue to confess that this will happen because spoken words are creative. “The power of Life and death is in the tongue.” Prov. 18:21. No belief in lies that try to destroy your perfect Identity as a Spirit Being. Know who you are a Royal Child of God as Spirit Beings. The shield of protection is always around you and your family by you confessing protection to your family. “Call things that are not as THOUGH THEY ARE.” Rom. 4:17. God is the only power, and there is no power to battle with. You and God are a majority, and fear is not a REALITY ONLY IN YOUR OWN MIND. You are dreaming things that are not real. Put on the Mind of Christ given to you at the cross. Great things are about to happen.

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