January 9-BE A GATE KEEPER.a gate keeper was a High Priest of the Tribe of Levite who was the watchman of the walls. Nothing unholy could enter into God’s House. (within). Heb. 3:15-“Christ Jesus is our High Priest who was tempted in every area as we are, but He did not sin meaning missing the mark of Being Christ like.” Eph.3:10-“For we are GOD’S MASTERPIECE CREATED ANEW IN CHRIST JESUS SO WE CAN DO THE GOOD THINGS HE PLANNED FOR US.’1 Peter2:9-We are a chosen generation, a Royal Priesthood, stones to build a Spiritual House for the Tabernacle of God within.” Gate keepers help people from drifting from the Lord to lead them in the right path. Gate Keepers are in charge of the temple. We are the temple of the Living God with Mind of Christ. We sound a Trumpet to let all come to the Kingdom of God within. We are the Gate Keepers to reveal God to all.

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