January 10-LIGHT VERSES DARKNESS. Darkness represents negative thinking or the thoughts of the ego that Edges God Out instead of listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. God created darkness and formed light. Is. 46:1. God dwells in the invisible realm that you can’t see with these eyes. We believe in fear, sickness, pain, suffering that SEEMS to Be more real than Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love, The Christ of our Being found a door way out of the darkness by turning on the Light (understanding) to freedom. He paid the price at the cross and took away all negative things of carnal mind of human belief to set the captives free. He descended into hell of our minds to disobedient spirits to set the captives free. Eph. 4:7.God is in complete control of our lives and paid the price to make us a Pearl of Great Price. We are awakening to the real world of we are Spirit Beings. Snow white awaken now.

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