January 17-HAS YOUR BODY BEEN BUMPED BY ANOTHER VEHICLE.? A vehicle could Be your own body. If you have some kind of sickness you are bumped by another body giving you false appearances by seeing sickness instead of seeing healing done at the cross. No foreign object can come neigh your dwelling. Ps. 91.Another vehicle been hitting you in the back, so you could turn around and remember who and why you are here to change your thinking about everything. This person in you to awaken you from your dream of amnesia to your True Identity as a Royal Child of God. This vehicle is Christ of your Being for you to surrender your little self of i, me and my, and become alive to your Real Self of the Christ in you and AS you. The human mind says you are God. We are a Child of God in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom you shine as lights in this darkened world.

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