January 16-CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE? I know that Christ Jesus is in my Being, but I cannot see it. Don’t you want to believe that there is more to life than you can see, now? 2 Cor. 5:7.You can move mountains if you believe meaning all negative conditions done away with. You can walk on water as long as you are focused on Christ, but think of the cares of the world, you sink. The human mind gives me illusions and lies if I believe them. I can Be healed, healthy, full of Love, and walking above without the hindrances of human behavior or thoughts instead of looking and seeing with the eyes of Christ to the Spirit World, and know I AM a Spirit Being given me at the cross along with the Mind of Christ. Gen. 1:26. I absolutely know God is Real, and is in me As me, but with the eyes of Christ, I can still LET MY LIGHT SHINE TO OTHERS TO AWAKEN THEM.TO A SPIRITUAL WORLD.

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