February 3-YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY ANGELS. Angels are messengers of God. Our angels are our spiritual perceptive faculties which dwell in the Presence of the Father. Office of angels is to guard and guide. Ps. 139:7-10. “Unless you plug into its Source of experience, you will never Be able to use it like electricity which is everywhere.” God is every where, and in everyone until you plug into the Living God who is within you. You are an angel Messenger when you leave a deposit of God to everyone you meet. Rom. 8:28-EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. 1 Cor. 8:6. Angels are always here to protect us with much Power to do the will of God with many different types of angels as we need them. We all have a guarding angel. We entertain angels unaware. Heb. 13:1. I want to have angels appear to me. In the Christ within each of you.

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