February 2-TWINS IN THE WOMB. These twins are in the womb of your own human mind. The ego says no eternity, no light, no Mother God, Darkness is all there Is. only Light exist and no punishment. Lies instead of the Truth. The Ego that Edges God Out Thoughts.It is not your Real Self. It always wants you to Be separated from God, and teaching you that you do not need God because you are god. It is the shadow not the Real You. Always wants to start an argument. You are special. We are all special to God. Always offended not letting go and letting God solve the problem to choose peace. The ego is no longer existing when you do not give it any power or listen to its hypnotism. The Real Self is created Perfect by God before the Foundation of the World (us) in the Spirit Realm. It has no sickness, pain, suffering only God and Love God, and Love your neighbor as yourself. The Real Self forgot who and what they are to Be BORN AGAIN IN THE SPIRIT.

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