April 23-I WANT A DOUBLE PORTION. Deut. 21:17-“First born given a double portion.” 1 Sam 1:5-Hanna the Mother of Samuel (Means) was given a double portion when she was barren with no children and cried out to God. Samuel is the inner voice of the Spirit, inspiration and guidance, grace, favor and compassion. Elijah was going up in the Spirit and Elisha (feminine) (all of us Prince and Princesses of God both male and female) “Instead of shame dishonor there land shall Be a double Portion (Kingdom within) they shall have everlasting Joy. Is. 61:7. Job received a double portion when he prayed for his enemies. Job. 42:10. Jesus is a double portion Being the firstborn of all creation, and heir of all things. Col. 1:15. We have a double portion because He said He was finished and now GREATER THINGS WE WILL DO. John 14:12

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