April 22-YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WHOLE. Matt. 8:13-“Jesus said unto the centurion. Go thy way, and as thou has believed, so Be it done unto you.”When we have Faith, we believe it is a substance (Christ Jesus) within us we do not see, but still Believe and Know. No person or situation can take this Truth away from us. We release our word of affirmation prayers to the creative Mind of Christ to know this will happen in God’s timing. We give thanks to this miracle to a Impossible God that can heal by “His stripes” at the cross and certainly Now. We go to the Resurrection side of of prayer without seeing, but still believing. Have Joy, anticipation, and Faith to know who you are and what is your purpose in life. Put this faith in practice to Know and Believe this is God’s will in your life. The centurion soldier believed for his servant, and it was done. Know that God is in control of your life and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO WORK OUT OK.

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