September 7-WELCOME THE DIVINE GUEST. Seven is the number of Perfection and Rest. The Divine Guest is Christ Jesus waiting to come in, and Be One with each other. The word JESUS has US in it. Jesus means Salvation of our Souls.. Rev. 3:20-“Behold, I stand at the door and knock to come in your life to change you to receive the Christ within you forever.” The Healing Christ comes to the Mind of Christ to ALL to receive Him.” Acts 10:34. He will never leave us or forsake us.” Heb. 13:5-“I permit the Divine Presence to flow through me all through the day.” “I lift up to my eyes unto Spirit from where comes my strength.” “God never slumber or sleeps.” Ps. 121:1-Teach me to see God’s Presence in every person. With my Divine Guest in me and AS me, I can speak to persons I meet to Be a Holy Encounter for them to learn that there is a Real God and a Real Christ Jesus for us to have. The cross horizontal is for the human thoughts to Be erased to the vertical cross of Spirit Realm forever.

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