September 30-UPSTREAM AND DOWNSTREAM. Upstream is the Spirit Realm where God is. This is where everything is created before the foundation of the earth (all of us). Job 38:4.Did you command the Morning Light” Where were you when we raised the stars, moon, and sun.?” God was telling Job that we were in the Spirit Realm with God before we became human Being here. In upstream is where all the miracles happened with Christ Jesus. The first miracle was at the wedding feast of Cana of Spirit Soul and Body was united, the water of human consciousness changed to wine (Spirit Realm). This is where there is no sin, sickness, pain, suffering or negative thinking from the carnal mind or even death. This is where Christ Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist from all human thinking, and actions for you and me. The Salmon go upstream where they were born to produce more Salmon. The downstream receives from God Truth, and uses it for merchandise to sell. All human thoughts are down stream instead of God.

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