September 27-WAKE UP FROM THE DREAM OF ILLUSIONS. This world is not my home. This life is not real, but taught by the mind of self to Be God where we do not need God because we can do it our selves. John 17:16-“We are in this world, but not part of it, but created in the image (reflection in a mirror) and likeness (exact copy) of God both male and female.”Gen. 1:26. Christ called Lazarus from the dead, “He Said, “He is not dead, but sleeping.” Until we know what Christ Jesus did at the cross, and not Be tempted about dis-ease, sickness, viruses, death, to have the Mind of Christ, we will Be sleeping to the reality that God is all there IS. Let us awaken to the reality of God only. Practice the Presence. Let God Be first in your life all day, and still do your daily choirs, but know God is in you all day and thanks to God for every step we walk each day. Let Go and Let God to all offenses to let God take over our lives. No power, but God. No man made illusions are real.

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