September 10-LET US HAVE A SPIRITUAL RENEWAL. “Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord, there is liberty (freedom from ego thoughts that tries to destroy our Perfect Identity). 11 Cor. 3:17. We are to Be transformed by the “Renewing of our minds to the Mind of Christ the only mind.” Romans12:2. We go inward to the Truth of our Being. We are Spirit Beings of Divine Nature, avoiding worry, fear, jealousy or any other negative thinking that dominates our lives with human thinking. We are created unique INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION OF GOD. My body is the Temple of the Living God that is created by Spiritual Substance, not out of matter, but from God Him-self (us), but out of Spirit. We forgot who I AM. I went into a lower realm of thinking only thinking. I AM Cinderella who thought she was the cinder maid instead of the Princess. Christ is in control of our lives. Open door for the Healing Christ to Be my Special Guest who lives in me and AS me.

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