October 13-RICHIE IS 85 TODAY. YOU ARE A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. Richie’s scripture is 2 Tim. 1:7-“God has not given me the Spirit of fear, but has given me the Spirit of Power, Love and a sound mind with discipline and self control.”A High Priest was the only one to go into the Holy of Holies Christ Jesus in us and AS us. We are all Royal Priest from the authority of the Ascended Christ who has the Mind of Christ to receive Spiritual Truths. We are the perfect reflection of the Living Invisible God to those that do not know God is Real. The High Priest stand in the gap for Being Saviors from human thinking to the thinking of God only. We are this generation chosen to Be Royal Priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people to bring darkness of negative thinking to the Light of God being manifested in this human body to the Body of Christ. We are Being trained to Be God like in every thing we do and say Saviors from Mt. Sion (Spirit Realm) to bring salvation to the world.

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