November 15-MEANING OF THE CROWN OF THORNS.The crown of thorns was on Christ Jesus HEAD taking all human thinking to Spirit Thinking and taking every thought away from us that has to do with the Tree of Good and Evil like sin, sickness, pain, suffering and even death to Spirit Realm. Gen 3:17-19-“Curse describes the ground is cursed that you will eat from it by means of painful labor. It will produce thorns and thistles plants of the field (world human thinking, I AM God and I do not need God because I AM God). Every plant, animal and all the world was affected. Christ Jesus was put this crown of thorns instead of the Crown the King wears. He took to His body every danger, frustration of the human realm, and man became a Living Soul Gen. 2:7 instead of a Life Given Spirit to return to dirt the lowest of human thinking. Matt. 27:29- “Hail King of the Jews.” Heb. 2:9 – From death to Life for everyone to bring us back to God where we came from.

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