July 9-MEANING OF THE WORD FIRE. Fire is the destruction of evil or error inside of the human mind. Fire is the cleansing and purification to Be able to put on the Mind of Christ Spirit Being in a Spirit Universe, Now. The true essence of the Spirit Realm in our lives is the fire of Spirit, or the Divine Energy which never ceases its life given, purifying glow. “John said-“One comes after me will Baptiste you with Holy Spirit (Mother God ) and fire.” When this process of cleansing in mankind’s mind and body with no more error, then manifest in purified mankind AS his eternal Life. “Our God is a consuming fire.” Heb. 12:29. One God, Spirit, Life, Love, Substance, Power, Intelligence, and Truth. Fire is the Positive state of mind to the mind of Christ, Body of Christ, Family of God instead of all negative thoughts from the ego mind that Edges God Out with lies of who and what we are to kill the Christ of our Being in us and AS us. Change human thinking to God’s thinking. We are perfectly created.

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