July 5-CALL UPON GOD’S NAME. Name refers to nature of a person to Be God’s nature is everything I do and say. The Word miracle means change in perception. Jacob name was changed from supplanted, liar to Israel Prince with God. Saul name means asked for, desired, demanded changed to Paul means little, not i, but Christ. He must increase and I must decrease. He was on the Damascus Road (Means much ego or self thinking) to kill the Christ in everyone thinking he was doing God a service. When the Light of God comes, it blinds us of human thinking to put us from judgment persecuting to Love and Understanding. God has to intercede at some point in our lives to change the way we think to the way God thinks. Moses real eyes God’s name is the I AM. Exodus 3:14. Linda means to Be Beautiful with everything God is teaching me so I can share with others..My great Great Grand Daughter said God told her she was beautiful. Nothing of human self, all of God.

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