July 22-AT THE FEET OF THE MASTER. The story of the manic. “They found him clothed, and in his right mind, sitting at the feet of the Master” who had been living in tombs of human beliefs. We are the manic (very insane person, mentally ill with human thoughts of much confusion), when Christ passes by, he finds us in death clothes wrapped in bondage of dead thoughts, fears, and ego thoughts that Edge God Out. We have dirty rags of personal beliefs that must fall away, and then clothed in the Mind of Christ sitting at the feet of the inward Christ at peace with all our baggage left behind. We begin to learn about the Spirit World that we are born again that revitalizes our whole Being. The manic thoughts are cast from you, and drowned in the dead sea that can never Be alive again. You are a new person in Christ. Knowing you are created PERFECT. No more sin, sickness and pain again. “I can do all things with Christ in me.”

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