January 4-STOP TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE LIKE YOU. I always had the necessary to want everyone to like me. I found out that no matter what you do or say someone is not going think you are Godly and Loving. My goal in life is to Be Godlike in everything I do and say. I know that all my steps are ordered by God, and nothing happens by accident or by chance. Ecc.9:11-Is. 41:24. God is all there IS in my life. The answer is not to let anyone control our lives. Listen to the Holy Spirit still small voice within to lead us and guide us, and let go and Let God take care of us. We are no longer living on this earth as human beings fighting battles each day thinking we have to do everything our selves because we are not God. I want you to know, I cannot do anything without God doing it THROUGH  me and AS me. Phil. 4:13. Have all of the fruits of Spirit. Rom. 5:5. Love everyone. See Beauty not faults.

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