JANUARY 25-MEANING OF HUMPTY DUMPTY. All thoughts have a meaning. A wall is an enclosure that divides one room from another or a wall that divides all of us from each other instead of Being a Team needing each other. The great fall was when in our thinking only we became a Living Soul instead of a Life given Spirit.Gen. 2:7.Who is the King? God is the King. Horses represent ego thoughts that chatter the human mind instead of the Mind of Christ. The King’s men is all of us that believe in the human mind instead of the mind of Christ only. Negative thoughts cannot grow if they are broken like an egg. Forgot who and what we are. An egg is conception of the Truth that God is all there is. I give every though its meaning according to my perception (human mental thinking instead of God’s thoughts. Let us put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall where everyone can see the glory of God that an egg can perform. Have a miracle means change our perception to God. If you wish to buy my book Fairy Tales can come true a Spiritual Look at the Fairy Tales for the Spiritually Matured by Linda and Richard Cosentino at Amazon. My email address is [email protected]. If you wish to Be on my email list with a Daily Lesson with one paragraph. My web is thegodinus.com. I have the second book called 365 Angel Messengers by Linda & Richard Cosentino at Amazon is a Daily Devotional with a paragraph each day, and the 3rd book is called Heavenly Messages and Rhymes Before time which is poems at Amazon. Thanks, Love, Linda

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