January 23-WHAT DOES PROTOTYPE MEAN? Col. 1:15. Prototype means First Born. Many more are created just like Him. Many Savors will come from Mt. Zion-Spirit Realm. Obadiah l:12. Christ was the first to bring us that the Kingdom of God is within us. Luke 1:21. “I can do all things through Christ that flows through me.” Phil. 4:13. God extended Him-self into each of us in us and AS us, but we forgot who we ARE. We came into a lower realm of thinking instead of thinking like Christ. To Be Born Again means in the Spirit Realm., not in the human mind where everything is self instead of God. Christ Jesus took every human emotions, thinking, pain and suffering, and gave us the Mind of Christ to use instead of Being tempted from the carnal mind of human thinking. All evil is Being done away with and only God remains. The Kingdom of God is coming on this earth (all of us) as in the Spirit Realm.

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