February 10-DO YOU HAVE A LIMP?

February 10-DO YOU HAVE A LIMP? There are two kinds of limp. If you are healed, and still walk with a limp, it is from fear (false evidence appearing real) of hurting in your legs again. There is a limp from wrestling with the Living God to get a blessing by having the scars to cause you not to Be vain from much revelation. Esau represents the flesh mind ruling you with Edge God Out thoughts. He was a hunter using the animal nature of self desires to rule his thoughts instead of letting God flow through us. Jacob was the Spiritual man with the Mind of Christ after his name or nature was changed to ISRAEL, PRINCE WITH GOD. A limp on Jacob meant that God’s thoughts always will win. God Presence is always there within. Christ Jesus still had the wounds in His body. He was Being born of a woman just like us in the human world, but did not sin by missing the Mark of who is is. Jacob’s ladder is the step by step to real eyes the Truth. The ego thoughts can only roar.

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