December 17-TIME TO GO TO THE MOUNTAIN OF TRANSFIGURATION. “Before the cross, Jesus took John-Pure Love, Peter-Faith in the Presence of God, James-total commitment, showing them out of His mortal body to the Immortal Body of Spirit. His face shined, clothing was white, the glory of which is the Christ in us.” How did they know that Moses and Elijah were there before their time. They were the two witnesses.”Matt. 17:1. This body is Spirit filled with Light (understanding example of the Christmas tree (cross) full of lights (keep darkness away forever which is negative thoughts in our flesh mind to the thoughts of God only. We are the Tabernacle of God within. Christ Jesus only with no human form or human thinking or actions.Moses went in Spirit realm with his face shown so strong, he had to put a veil over his face to hide his true Identity as a Spirit Being. Babies and animals see the aura peeking out to Let our LIGHT SHINE TO DISPEL ALL DARKNESS OF NEGATIVE THINKING.

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