December 15-REASONS FOR THE CHRIST CHILD. Is. 9:6-“For unto ALL of US (a child is born into the womb of Mary just like we went into the womb of our Mother to Be born in this realm to Be born again to the Spirit Realm. Unto us is given a Son of God came to mankind as the One Son of God for all of Us to Be able to go back to God where we came from. The Government shall Be upon His shoulder-the cross and the number 12 means Divine Government of God only. His name shall Be called Wonderful -He is a wonder that is eternal will always Be in us and AS US. Counselor (A person that gives us a plan and purpose to Be here in the realm of a flesh body to bring this body of flesh to Be a Spiritual Body with no pain or suffering for a Body of Christ and a Family of God. Mighty God was in the Son at the cross not imputing their trespasses, but given them the ministry of reconsideration. 11 Cor 5:19. He is the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace that no one can give us Peace, but the Christ within us

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