August 30-MEANING OF THE WORD ANGELS. This is the angels within you that is Messengers to you within. Unconditional Love Perfect Love takes away fear (false evidence APPEARING Real), Angel Reality Truth and nothing,but the Truth, Angel of Abundance God always takes care of us, and never leaves us or forsakes us, Angel of Power and Authority Nothing of self, but all of God, Angel of Spiritual Understanding, Angel of Loving Relationships, Angel of Victory and Triumph, Angel of Order and Harmony,Angel message the Kingdom of God is within. and not a place. Angel of One with God and One with each Other, Angel of Solutions, Angel of Spiritual Strength and Will, Angel of Rebirth, Angel of Patience and Acceptance, Angel of Courage and Perseverance, Angel of Service and Oneness, Angel of Liberation, Angel of Truth and Enlightenment, Angel of the Creative Word, Angel of Success, Angel of Resource, Angel of Kindness, Angel of Truth that God is all there IS, Angel of Protection,

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