August 2-THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE ANSWER. The Holy Spirit is the feminine side of God or the Mother God El Shaddai, the large breasted one.. She is the Still small voice within us that directs our path to know who and what we are. She mediates between illusions and the Truth or the gap between reality and dreams. She is another comforter. John 14:16. She reveals the deep things of God to all of us. She is the Guide,Mediator, Teacher, Answer to the separation thoughts of the human mind. She ends all dreams to our Real Self created Perfect by God. Gap between the Mind of Christ, and the human mind and thoughts. Fear translated to Pure Unconditional Love.She reveals the Oneness of the Father to all of us and the Oneness of each other. She reminds us of our Soul realm to Be united with the Spirit. She speaks to us to let our dreams Be forgiven and done away with. She is the breath that gives us life of Spirit. The problems you have are not real only the belief in them must let them go with forgiveness done away with.

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