August 18-WHAT DOES THE WORD JUDGMENT MEAN? The word judgment means A TURNING POINT. God is Unconditional Love. We can’t believe that God is going to leave us in human thinking in a lower realm of self instead of God eternally or punish us for our behavior when God created us all after Him-self PERFECT and GOOD.. There is a point in our lives where “No Mankind can come to Me unless the Father draws them.” John 16:17-“You have not chosen Me, I have chosen you to bare plenty of fruit to Be God like in everything we do and say.”We are giving up arguments, choosing peace when someone is mean to us. 11 Cor. 5:19-“God was in Christ Jesus at the cross reconciling the WORLD back to HIM-self (all of us) not imputing their trespasses ( Errors erasing them with His life to make us alive in the Spirit realm), but giving us the ministry of reconciliation.” He shed human blood that is tainted with sickness, pain, suffering and death BELIEFS to bring us back to God where we came from.

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