April 18-WE CAN’T BE CONCERNED WITH APPEARANCES. “We let go and Let God.” 1st Peter 5:7. We have the power of God on our side within us at all times. Christ Jesus gives me the strength to do all that needs to Be done. Be like the Little Engine that brought the presence to the children. The Little Engine said, “I think I can.” Other engines representing the ego thoughts that Edge God Out said, “You are too small, not powerful enough, not pretty enough, and on and on to destroy our Perfect Identity as Spirit Beings created by God. The story of the little engine in in my book Fairy Tales can come true on Page 22 from Amazon. These thoughts are a liar and a deceiver. Let us choose peace instead of Being Right, and swallow pride to save an argument. Appearances are temptations for us to have disappearances, and not to believe this thought that is not God, FEAR IS false evidence appearing real.

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