Three of our Books for sale

Dearest email friends,
Richie and I have written three books for sale at Amazon. We would love to share with you our labor of Love to spread the Word to others, also with written scripture with each page
Our first book is FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE-A Spiritual look at the Fairy Tales for the Spiritually Matured. All in color and revealing the ego thoughts of the flesh human mind that has Edged God Out of everything in this world.

Our Second book is called THREE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE ANGEL MESSAGES. This book is a Daily Devotional to read each day with all thoughts in the Spiritual Realm of Life instead of the flesh realm of self, me, i and my thoughts of this world.

Our third book is just finished and is titled HEAVENLY MESSAGES AND RHYMES BEYOND TIME. This book has many poems and lessons with scripture each day.

Thanks so much for buying our books. If you wish to Be on our email list it is   [email protected]. This is 4 pictures and a paragraph each day. Love, Richard and Linda Cosentino

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