May 3-BACK TO THE SPIRIT REALM. In the Garden of Eden Gen. 2:10-14 was the Spirit Realm. We were to take part of every tree in the Spirit Realm-Love, Peace, Joy, but not the tree of good and evil which is human thinking realm of pain, suffering , murders, every thing of ego Edge God Out thoughts that is INSTEAD OF GOD. Christ Jesus IS our Savior of Soul (feminine side) became a flesh human Being to Be a Living Soul Gen. 27 instead of a Life Given Spirit. The Soul is not what we are Created to Be a Spirit Being of God only. The lower realm of thinking is self, me, god, not united with our Spirit. I can do every thing my own way. At the cross, Christ Jesus brought us back to Being Spirit again as before the foundation of the world by Being Born Again John 3:3 where Spirit and Soul are One. Rise above earth in Spirit and Truth to God Eph.4:24 in the image (reflection of God in a mirror within) and likeness (exact copy) of God. You are Spirit above human thinking.

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