May 2-YOUR WOUNDS HAVE SCARS. The Christ Jesus had the scars from the cross to show everyone what He did at the cross was REAL AND POWERFUL. No scars they would have said that the resurrection, and the cross did not exist. We serve a Living Christ who is in me and AS me “That will never leave me or forsake me.” I have scars from wounds to remember what I went through, and was healed only to remember the scars, and not the event. Christ Jesus healed the cripple man at the pool by seeing him Perfect as he was Created. When he healed him said, “Pick up your bed was the reminder of how now he is healed and can walk.” You are healed of all wounds at the cross like pain, suffering, sickness, dis-ease anything given to us from the ego thoughts in our carnal mind instead of the Mind of Christ. We say, I AM sorry which means to repent means change the way we THINK and remember what Christ did for us. “I was blind, but now I see.” “I was cripple, but now I can walk.”

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