May 1-Interpretation of April 30 meaning of Shedding blood by Linda Cosentino

May 1-My interpretation of the shedding of blood in my lesson on April 30-By Linda Cosentino.

In my lesson on April 30, I will explain the meaning of the ransom price paid for us by shed blood of Christ. In Genesis when Adam and Eve went into a lower realm of thinking instead of thinking like God thinking, What if there was something else beside God or Instead of God, they had to go through a period of time to Be redeemed from their thoughts of human thinking instead of thinking like God thinks. In 1 Peter 1:18-“You were redeemed (bought back) not with corruptible things, but with the Precious blood (life) as of a Lamb (allegory for Christ) without blemish and without spot, with the Blood of Christ.” In Exodus 12:7-“They shall take the blood of a lamb (called the Passover (when I see the blood, I will pass over you not to see death of the Spirit Realm), and put it on two sides post and on the upper door post of the house (we are the house of God) making a cross on our foreheads (with the Mind of Christ), the death angel (messenger when we are covered with the blood (Life is in the blood) you will not die to the Spirit Realm. Every year each family had to bring a lamb (representing the Christ) without spot or wrinkle to bring to Be slaughtered for the whole family, and the High Priest would take the blood of the lamb, and only High Priest (Christ) could go into the Holy of Holies (the very presence of God) and sprinkle the blood to Be used for one year until Christ came on the cross to get rid of  sin (missing the mark of Being Sons and Daughters of God to remember who and what we are) for a price to set us free to remember our true Being as created by God in the image of God when we look in a mirror is a reflection and likeness means exact copy of Christ.

Redemption means buy us back to God where we came from. “God was in Christ at the cross reconciling-bring us back to God to reconcile the whole WORLD BACK TO HIMSELF NO LONGER COUNTING US OF OUR SINS us from sin, sickness, suffering, death and gave us Mind of Christ, and shed human blood to give us Life of the Spirit because blood means Life.” 2nd Cor. 5:19. 

This was not a sacrifice to buy us back with the Blood of Christ, this was an outward demonstration of a deeper revelation of the Christ in us and AS us. Could you believe Christ went to the cross with joy set before Him, He endured the cross, scorning (feeling or belief that something is worthless) its shame and sat down at the Right Hand of God to make our enemies a foot stool to know what will happen as we become aware we are Spirit Being instead of human Beings.He became the author of salvation-saved from human thinking to the thinking of Christ for ALL with eternal salvation. In Col. 1:13-“Christ delivered by blood out of power of darkness (negative human thinking and actions that are not God like.)

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