March 4-DON’T STAY IN A RUT. A rut is a fixed situation in your life that you can’t see how you can grow higher in the Spirit Realm. This rut can be financial, people or anything you are focused on instead of choosing peace. God is causing us to grow deeper in the Spirit each day to Be God like in everything we do or say. Find a way to Be happy in each situation to thank God for the opportunity to choose the Spirit Realm instead of human carnal thinking because God is all there IS. We can’t have God and pain or sickness when we know we are Spirit Beings instead of human beings with temptations trying to destroy us without any power. The Kingdom of God is within us, At the cross we already have all the attributes of God to real-eyes the Truth. “God is within you wherever you go.” God is Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, my healer, my pain relieve and everything I AM We are the Visible manifestation of the Invisible God to a world that needs to Be saved to know.

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