March 25-REASON FOR USING THE ALABASTER BOX. The precious oil was used for anointing to a king, prince and princess in all Royalty. It was smeared all over the body especially the head (Mind of Christ), and feet (our pure walk with God). This was an outward lesson for an inward work. We are the Royal Children of God called the Princess and Prince. The word Alabaster is a translucent (clear) representing our Spirit Body remembering the Christ within us meaning the “Oil of Life” brought into the Spirit Body. “Not by might of carnal mind, but by the Spirit. Zach. 4:6. “When Mary took the ointment, the House (us) was filled with the fragrance of perfume.” John 12:3. We are the containers of this precious oil. The Spirit causes a drought from negative thinking to Spiritual Truths to come to the earth to purify negative thoughts that are opposed to Truth. The females (soul) to Be united with Spirit and Soul marriage of the Lamb.

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