March 24-MIRACLES OF JESUS. Water into wine. Official’s Son. Drives out an Evil Spirit. Peter’s mother-in-law healed. Many sick at Evening. Catch of fish. Man cleaned with leprosy. Centurion’s servant healed. Paralytics.Withered hand. Raises Widow’s Son in Nain. Calms the storm. Demons (thoughts) into a herd of pigs. Woman in the crowd. Daughter to Life. Two blind men. Man unable to speak. Invalid at Bethesda. Feeds 5,000. Peter walks on water. Many sick in Gennesaret. Heals a Gentile woman’s daughter. Invalid at Pool of Bethesda. Heals a deaf and dumb man. Feeds 4,000. Blind man at Bethsaida. Blind man from birth. Body with a demon. Blind, mute man. Crippled woman. Man with dropsy on the Sabbath. Ten lepers. Lazarus from the Dead. Sight to Bartimaeus. Withers the Fig tree that did not have fruit. Healed a servant’s ear. Second catch of fish.”I know the plans I have for you. Plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future of hope and Love. Jer. 29:11.

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