March 17-WHAT ARE IDOLS? An idol is a natural FORM representing an idea. Idols can Be carved statutes that we worship instead of going inward where God IS. Idols are things we think before thinking God’s thoughts. An idol can Be anything we Love more than God. God is all there IS. No punishment in God. All will come to the Truth that God went to the cross for ALL of us. How can God punish part of Him-self. Christ Jesus took ALL human emotions and words at the cross and done away with.The world thoughts instead of God. “For they exchanged the Truth for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator ” Rom. 1:25. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit within you and you are a Spirit Being. You cannot serve two masters. Put the Shield of Protection on your life. All things are done by the Christ within you. We are Royal family of God belonging to One Body, One with God and One with each other.

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