March 13-MEANING OF THE JORDAN RIVER. It means flowing down abundantly. This river is polluted with dirty water of thoughts of good and evil not redeemed state with turbulence from human thinking without the Spirit Realm of redemption.We have to cross the Jordan River in order to go to the Kingdom of God where there is no pain, suffering, or flesh carnal thinking. Elisha the Prophet told us to change our thinking. Naaman means intellect swelling up in the Ego thoughts with pride, no understanding of the Spirit Realm or teaching anything about God. Leprosy flesh that is impure destructive thoughts separating us from our Source Christ within. Elisha saw his deception of living in self desires of human thoughts. Elisha (God is a savior, God of deliverance, the Spiritual I AM gives double portion of Spirit) go wash in Jordan seven times (number of completeness). Naaman thought in the physical logic mind to say no to Spirit Realm. He thought he could Be healed by human thought.

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