July 9-THE KING IS LOOKING FOR YOU. God is not looking for you to condemn you, but to restore you back to your true Identity. We have pain and suffering, and think that this is the end and this will never pass away. God is lifting you up from the pit of the carnal mind to bring you back to the Real World where God is to the Mind of Christ. Awaken into the glorious Kingdom where God is all there IS within you. Don’t ever give up. This will pass. When the caterpillar thinks he or she has no faith (something not seen, but still believed) turns into a beautiful butterfly forgetting about the cares of the world problems to Be interested in Being God like. Put on your wings and fly above the carnal mind to the Spirit Realm where no human thoughts can appear and eat the pure nectar of the Spirit Realm only. Matt. 5:48-“You are created perfect as your Father is perfect.”

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