July 15-Poem by Linda Called TO BE GOD LIKE.
My goal in life is only to Be God like in everything I say and do.
This could also Be your goal in life especially just only for you.
All you have to do is BELIEVE to the Words what God has to say.
Tune up your ears so you can hear in your mind what is for this day.

We are in training each day for us to Practice all God’s full Presence.
We know we are Spirit Beings created by God for us in remembrance.
God is in me at the Cross in Christ Jesus reconciling us back to Him self.
Kingdom of God is in me, and in you to make us know we are in One self

To become One with God and One with each other change our thinking within.
We need to see people and situations differently with beauty and Love to begin.
It is no longer “i”,but nevertheless I is Christ Jesus lives in me, but also AS me.
Manna is Tell me God what is it you want me to do this day so I can clearly Be.

I no longer want my way to do things, I let the Christ flow through me of His way.
I can choose Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness to let go and let God do for me this day.
I can remember all the promises God has for me as the family of God now forever.
My goal can Be accomplished to Be God like in everything I do and say so clever.

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