July 11-BABYLON. Babylon means confusion; chaos; vanity; nothingness.The rulers of government; religion; currency; schools; politics; that is controlled by the human carnal mind of man is Babylon of confusion. We shall be free of debt, wars, religion; to become the Kingdom of God and of the Christ in the Year of Jubilee where there is freedom from man made laws and rules. The whole earth is going to a higher realm, and all the evil of this world is coming to the surface and done away with. You will see the culmination of all ages to see the Mighty Kingdom of God to come to this earth as in the heaven or Spirit Realm.This is the last days of human rule. We are a chosen generation and a Royal Priesthood to intercede to those people who need a Priest to Be a mediator between God and themselves until they can go to God direct. 1 Peter 2:9.

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