July 10-MEANING OF THE WORD SERPENT. The word serpent is from the Hebrew word called Nachash. It is not a snake, but in the form of a snake that has a split tongue speaking good and evil, and crawls on the belly of human dirt to think it has control of your mind to destroy you as a Spirit Being. This is not a being outside of us, but the negative thoughts inside of our own carnal human mind. The negative thoughts says, “I do not need God, I AM God. I can do everything by myself.” Gen. 2:7-“Then the LORD GOD formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils and man became a Living Soul.” In Gen. 1:26-“We were created in the image (reflection in a mirror) and Likeness (exact copy) of God both male and female.” The Kingdom of God is within. You are the temple of the Living God as a Spirit Being.

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