January 31-THE PRESENCE OF GOD. Look beyond what you see, God is all I see. The presence of God is the real-eyes that God is in you. Rev. 21:3. The Old Testament (God the this world human mind) the Philistines deviating from the Truth, human thinking and human behavior stole the Ark of The Covenant (The very Presence of God outward). They put the Ark in their temple with the pagan god called Dagon Half man and half fish. Gen. 10:14. The Philistines (means strangers, emigrants, foreigners, forces foreign to Spirit) made a cart with two cows to let the Ark go, it went to the Israelites all of us. The Philistines opposed all true Spirit, and worshiped strange gods in the form of animals, and sorcery. God’s Presence is no longer in a box, but within each of us. All ego thoughts that Edge God Out to control us with fake laws, lies and beliefs has to Be destroyed. The Ark is the Presence of God within.

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