January 23-WE ARE SPIRIT BEINGS SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY. In the Tabernacle and Temple were three outward compartments referring in the Spirit Realm Spirit, Soul and Body. The Spirit part of us is God. The Soul is a feminine word meaning my will, my mind, my will until we come to the real-eyes that the Soul is transformed to Be God’s will, emotion of Love Unconditional, the Mind of Christ. The body is Spiritual again at the cross when Christ Jesus took away all human thoughts and behaviors to become not “I” but Christ. The Soul is the part of us that wanted to Be God instead of God in us. Mary magnified the Lord in her Soul when she had no man made qualities meaning a virgin. The Spirit, Soul, Body is to remind or a picture of God making man in the Image and Likeness of God both male and female Body, Soul, and Spirit-all God. “Every man in his own order.”

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